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CCM Ultra Tacks Stick Review

CCM Ultra Tacks Stick Review

The CCM Ultra Tacks is CCM's second generation stick in the Tacks lineup. It offers a mid-kick point for players who are looking for a high level of shot accuracy. It is a fused two-piece, carbon fiber stick.

One of the new features found in the Ultra Tacks is the Bumper Technology Reinforcement found in the shaft. CCM researched the most frequent areas where players' sticks break due to slashes and made these areas more durable on the Ultra Tacks stick. This technology beefs up the inside of the shaft in order to prevent cracks and fractures from forming. In the event of a small crack, the Bumper Technology prevents it from spreading, giving the stick more longevity. 

Apart from durability, this stick has amazing shooting power and accuracy. The blade has great feel to help you stick handle your way to an opening and the response and accuracy to pick those corners on elite goaltenders with a snapshot or a one-timer. The blade had the best feel of any other stick currently on the market.

On some of the other mid-kick sticks of this generation, such as the Warrior Dynasty HD1 or Bauer Nexus 1N, there have been large graphics on the shaft which help players find the optimal lower hand position when shooting. Last generation's Tacks stick had a similar but less-prominent graphic in that area (two small yellow rectangles on each side of the shaft), but CCM seems to have ditched them for 2015. Even though it's not difficult to find the kick point on the Ultra Tacks stick, it is definitely much easier with a graphic on the shaft.

All in all, the CCM Ultra Tacks is one of the best weapons a dangler and a sniper can have. You are getting a responsive, accurate, and durable stick that will help you light the lamp game after game.

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