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Easton Mako II Ice Skates Review

Easton Mako II Ice Skates Review

After the original Mako skates launched in 2013, the skate market was turned on its ear due to the new asymmetrical boot design. These skates offered a forward pitch with a 5mm taller inner quarter panel in order to give players more balance while turning on their inside edges. Then, with the lower outer quarter panel, players had more balance when performing backwards crossovers, giving them an advantage in that aspect as well.

Despite this great new design and feature, the skates were not received very well due to boot quality and the tacky orange, white, and black color scheme. Many players had issues with the bottom of the boot becoming cracked and/or detached from the holder after only a few games.

Easton addressed these problems when making the Mako II skates by collaborating with Olympic speed skater Dave Cruikshank. Easton ditched the orange and white from the original Mako boot and now offer a sleek, carbon fiber, all-black boot with a subtle grey accent on the side of the Mako II. The boot still offers the same innovative asymmetrical quarter panel and snug, anatomical fit from the original Mako skates, but has a slightly more aggressive pitch to give players more speed and acceleration.

Another upgrade in the Mako II's is the new carbon fiber in the outside heel region. The Texalium heel offered in the original Mako has been replaced with reinforced carbon fiber to deliver a stiffer and more durable boot. 

The same CXN holder and ES4 stainless steel runners from the original Mako are brought back with the Mako II's. You'll still get the same 9 foot radius for excellent agility. Plus, the vents on the bottom of the boot make their return to allow sweat and moisture from building up inside the skate.

Now, onto the inside of the skate. The Mako II's are incredibly form-fitting when baked because of the new-and-improved microfiber liner. This, with the combination of a new OrthoLite moisture-wicking footbed, HD foam/felt tongue, creates unparalleled comfort found exclusively in the Mako II ice skate.

You can check these skates out right here at DiscountHockey.com today!

Photo Credit: Dave Sandford, National Hockey League

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