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Bauer Vapor 1X Stick Review

Bauer Vapor 1X Stick Review

One of the most popular composite sticks from 2013 to today has been the Bauer Vapor APX2. With superstar players like Patrick Kane, Nicklas Backstrom, and Claude Giroux using the APX2 to dangle their way through defenders, it quickly made its name as a stick geared towards creative forwards.

Now in 2015, Bauer has released the Vapor 1X and it is just as good, if not better, than the APX2. It still offers the same low kick, but now with Quick Release Taper technology. This taper, as seen in the Warrior QR1 stick, is designed to give you the fastest possible release on snapshots.

The blade has also been upgraded from the APX2, which now offers Aero Sense 2 material. This material is found throughout the entirety of the blade and results in one of the best feeling sticks on the market. It also builds up the blade's durability by preventing dings, chips, and cracks from forming (to a reasonable extent).

Some of the same great features found in the APX2 make a return in the 1X, such as Bauer's true one-piece Monocomp technology and TeXtreme durable carbon fiber construction.

Monocomp technology is Bauer's method of creating sticks without any form of fusion between the shaft and the blade. It eliminates any inconsistencies in the stick's construction and provides maximum power transfer from the hands to the blade. This makes the stick a true one-piece stick, unlike others who permanently fuse a blade and a shaft together.

TeXtreme carbon fiber is the name of the material that composes the walls of the stick, just beneath the graphics. This, in combination with Bauer's eLASTech resin, creates an extremely lightweight, yet incredibly durable, stick that can be used to easily dangle, snipe, and if you so choose, celly.

As a player who excels primarily in quick snap shots and one-timers, the 1X has been one of the best sticks I have ever used. Every time I took a shot, I was amazed at how hard the puck launched into the net. At Bauer's 1X demo event in January, I remember taking a snapshot with the 1X standing still from the high slot and having the radar gun register it at 80 mph. Now imagine what that number would be if I had any forward momentum and you can see how great of a stick this is for shooters.

If you are a shooter looking for a stick with an excellent puck feel, powerful shot, and durability, look no further than the Bauer Vapor 1X!

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