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Fitting Guide - Ice Skates

Fitting Guide - Ice Skates

Can’t make it to a store to try on hockey skates?

Every hockey skate is different, and will thus fit and perform differently. Certain companies may cater to a particular fit or have lines designed for specific fits. Discount Hockey suggests trying on each skate model individually, if possible. However, we understand that not everybody has a local hockey shop where they can go to find the perfect pair of skates. If you can’t make it to a store to try on hockey skates, or even if you just want to get an idea of what to look for before you shop, here is a guide that will help you determine what skates will be the best for you, and give you the greatest overall skating experience.



Bauer’s Vapor series is the most popular skate in the NHL and focuses primarily on speed. Vapor’s are known for their narrow and slim fit. The skate will have a low-volume boot and the foot will feel locked in place. This skate’s low-volume fit eliminates unnecessary space in the boot and allows for pure performance. Vapor’s are meant to match every player with his or her potential.

Vapor- Narrow heel, Medium/low middle, Medium Toe Cap

Players seen wearing Vapor: Steven Stamkos, Patrick Kane, Drew Doughty


The Supreme series by Bauer focuses on strength in every stride. When a skater’s stride is at maximum length, it ensures the most powerful push off the ice. This skate makes sure the player is able to extend and give a full stride every time.This boot carries a medium fit in all categories, and is great for customers seeking the quickness of a narrow skate but the control of a wide skate.

Supreme- Medium heel, Medium middle, Medium Toe Cap

Players seen wearing Supreme: Henrik Sedin, James van Riemsdyk, Willie Mitchell


The Nexus series by Bauer seeks to maximize skater’s comfort and control in gameplay situations. This is the widest fitting of all the Bauer skates to accommodate player’s with wider feet. Bauer’s attention was placed on creating a traditional looking boot while maximizing comfort. The high-volume boot allows the skate to wrap around the athlete’s foot and give a natural-feeling glide.

Nexus- Wide heel, Medium/high volume, Medium/Wide Toe Cap

Players seen wearing Nexus: Mike Richards, Tomas Plekanec, Ryan Kesler


K Series

Reebok’s wide-fitting boot serves as a great option for many players that have flat feet. The wide toe cap allows for feet to slide into the boot easily without any cramping. The higher-volume fit allowing for a secure wrap around the foot. This series has been found to be popular among players looking to get back into the game after a long break.

Medium/Wide heel, Medium middle, Wide Toe Cap

Players seen wearing Reebok K skates: Sidney Crosby, Pavel Datsyuk, Dion Phaneuf


The CCM RBZ line is the only current skate line that considers athletes’ arches in feet. When being fitted for a pair of these skates, customers are asked to step onto a Footdisc®, which displays the individual’s pressure points. The customer can then match the display with the type of support needed on the graph displayed. The RBZ insoles are specifically made for the RBZ skates and inserts come in high, medium, and low options.

RBZ Line

Medium heel, Medium/high middle, Medium/Wide Toe Cap

Players seen wearing RBZ: John Tavares, Thomas Vanek, Alex Galchenyuk

We know that making a skate investment without being able to try them in person can be intimidating. If you need any further skate advice, please contact us for more expert advice. Remember, any unused, unbaked, and unsharpened skates can be returned or exchanged.


I use Bauer supreme at the moment but they seem to have a deep instep and I think a may have more room than I need in the toe box. Any suggestions for what would be a better fit?

Hey! Really glad I saw this! So far I’m not experiencing any pain out of the ordinary. I’m new to skating so I don’t say that with a whole lot of knowledge. I was wondering if having a flat foot in an arched skate boot will effect how well I am able to skate. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi I also have very flat feet. For decades I’ve worn orthotics in all my shoes and skates. They work perfectly. Go see a podiatrist or shiropodist and they will make sport ones or dress ones.

I also have very flat feet. I have tried everything- coaching and playing. None of the CCM RBZ foot rests helped- or baking- or anything. except- Dr. scholls workday inserts. Regular inserts for construction boots found in CVS.
Problems in my feet are seldom now.
Might want to try!

Hello, my daughter played hockey 5 years, she loves it and want to be better. But now, she has the problem with her flat feet. Her feet extremely flat but not very wide, she wears RBK white K skates and feels pain. I bought a pair of CCM insoles for low arches for her, and she feels pain. I am searching online, it seems many people have the same problem and there is no exact solution.

I wish you can give me some advice as specialist, which brand are designed for or are much better for flat feet skaters.


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