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How To Bake Your Skates At Home

How To Bake Your Skates At Home

Here at Discount Hockey we recommend using specific skate ovens made for the heat molding process to bake skates. However, we recognize that not everyone has easy access to a skate oven. For players in this situation, a standard conventional oven can be used instead. Listed below are the items needed to bake skates.

  1. Skates
  2. Baking sheet
  3. Standard conventional oven
  4. Oven mitt
  5. Chair
  6. Carpet or soft non-abrasive ground

Unless the skate manufacturer gives specific instructions, follow these guidelines:

Preheat the oven to 175°. While the oven is preheating, prepare the skates by loosening the laces all the way down to the end of the boot. Slightly pull the tongue out and leave the top eyelet empty on both sides. Doing this will help the foot slide into the boot quickly and easily.

Turn the oven off before placing the skates inside. If the oven is not turned off, the unequal distribution of the heat can easily melt and/or ruin the boot, turning it into this:

After the oven is off, place the prepared skate onto the baking sheet. Use the oven mitt to place the skate inside the oven, and make sure the skate is not touching anything but the baking sheet. Close the oven quickly to keep the heat trapped inside.

Let the skates sit in the oven for approximately five minutes. Use the oven mitt to pull the skate out of the oven, while trying to avoid touching any of the metal on the skate. Quickly sit in the chair, which should be placed on the carpet. Tie the skates by pulling the laces sideways, not upward, to avoid ruining eyelets. The player should bend their knees so that the runner is flat against the carpet at about a 90° angle.  

Maintain the same position for fifteen minutes so the skates mold to the shape of the player’s foot. It is important to not walk around or move your feet because it can negatively affect the mold and eyelets. Take off the skates and loosely tie them without the feet inside. Set the skates aside so the boots can cool while maintaining the created mold.

***Discount Hockey is not responsible if you melt your skates. Do this at your own risk.*** 


Yeah 175 for 5 mins isnt gonna do it. I just did 190 for 6 mins and they were nice n toasty :)

From my experience, you should be able to SMELL your skates when you first open the oven. If you don’t smell that “freshly baked skate” smell, they didn’t get warm enough.

Can I bake my Bauer Goalie skates x1000

I do 185 fahrenheit for 8 minutes

Just baked my ccm u+ 02 skates. 175 at 8 minutes makes the skate nice and soft. Nice comfy fit now thanks for tips

Agree, 175f doesn’t do anything

Well bptrr is right. 175 isn’t very hot in Fahrenheit. I bet this is meant for 175 celcious. In 3d printing ABS plastic will go soft around 175 and melts around 230+. However, those boots in the picture look mostly carbon fiber. The upper portion is melted and who knows what it’s made out of. I doubt 175F will do anything, and 175C could be too high. I’d start around 150C and see if it softens up a bit.

No skate is going to melt at 175 degrees. I just forgot to turn the oven off with my Bauer Vapors and they were fine. In fact, I don’t think this is even hot enough and they don’t seems to be any different. I am going to try a hotter setting.

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