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Fitting Guide - Elbow Pads

Fitting Guide - Elbow Pads

To begin fitting a player with elbow pads it is suggested that the player refers to a fitting diagram. These figures help determine a range of sizes that the player would fall under.

When sizing a player the elbow should fit comfortably inside the circular or square cut-out. Additionally, the length of the elbow pad should fit comfortably between the player’s shoulder pads and gloves. An ideal fit would consist of a mobile arm with no gaps of protection between the bicep guard and the cuff of the glove. After finding a proper fit, the player can then determine which brand or line is preferred.

Determining the correct model:

Weight, Shape, & Comfort

Generally, the differences between separate lines and models are the weight, shape, and comfort offered. The high-end models tend to possess a little more protection by utilizing lightweight foams and additional bulk. Typical elbow pads  feature an anatomical fit that starts at the bicep and ends at the forearm. Some companies still make soft elbow caps, but frequently sacrifice protection for mobility. These are often the lower end models designed for recreational players.

Before choosing the right pads it is suggested that the player try to shake off the elbow pad. The pad should fit snug and not fall off the arm when shaken. If the player doesn’t fit comfortably in the pad then it will show in their performance.

CCM elbow pads are the preferred elbow pads of the Los Angeles Kings and the majority of NHL players.

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