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When Should I Replace My Skate Laces?

When Should I Replace My Skate Laces?


You pull up to the rink, grab your bag from the trunk of your car, and head inside to escape the heat. You cruise by the pro-shop and see that it's closed (as always), but this doesn't mean much to you because you haven't taken your gear out of its bag to air out in months. Nothing will be missing from your bag! You step into the locker room and shoot some insults at Drake, the pylon who you put at left wing with your star player so he won't affect the game too much with his constant turn overs.

This is it...It's your one day a week of exercise where you foolishly assume that all of the beer, pizza, and fast food that you have eaten throughout the month will have been justified by a one hour workout. It's Hockey day.

You start getting dressed; jock, shins, socks, pants, and then skates. Your laces look beat, but they haven't failed you yet. You start lacing up your left boot keeping the bottom nice and loose and cranking it with all your strength towards the top three eyelets. Moving onto the right skate you continue with the same strategy. This time though, the lace snaps and your elbow flies up into Drake's face who just happened to be leaning down next to you at that exact moment. So here you are, half a skate lace in your hand, a busted boot, a closed pro shop, and Drake gushing blood all over your brand new white lululemon shirt that your girlfriend bought for you.

Here's the whole point of that story...Keep a second pair of skate laces in your bag! Honestly, you don't have to replace your skate laces until they break. It's a lace. It does its job no matter what. One argument to that statement though is that waxed laces will lose their grip after a bit of use, which is true, but you can always simply rub some stick wax on the laces every month so they can retain some of the that grip strength. Seriously, if you are asking yourself "When should I replace my skate laces?" then just buy a new pair. They are cheap and come in a ton of different colors. Anyway, thanks for listening to that odd and terrible scenario and I hope it helped paint of picture of what could go wrong if you break a lace.

Check out our huge selection of Hockey Skate Laces here. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you on the ice!


We have a “Drake” type player on our semi-pro hockey team in simi too. Incidentally, his name is also Drake. And he’s definitely a pylon. Always the first guy into the locker room, and just stares awkwardly at us while we dress. When he finally does skate out for warmups, he usually gets in our way, hogs all the pucks, and tries to joke around with us. We mainly try to ignore him. We stuck him on Defense because he said he “likes the D”. Long story short, yeah, always have a spare set of laces. Solid article here bud.

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