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Tips to Stop Your Shin Guards From Rotating

Tips to Stop Your Shin Guards From Rotating


Nothing is worse than skating down the ice with a shin guard that is constantly turning and shifting during each stride. This usually occurs when the shin guards aren't fitting properly, or have not been securely strapped onto your leg. There are a variety of ways to make sure that this over-rotation of your shin guards is kept to a minimum.

Shin Straps

Shin straps are a very helpful tool which essentially eliminate the need for shin guard tape! Shin guards usually have pretty good strapping by design, but this extra external strap will help with any shortcomings that the original strapping system had. Also, you will save a decent amount of money on shin guard tape over time!


Shin Guard Sleeves

Shin guard sleeves have been around for a while and work, in our opinion, better than any other strapping system. They are essentially a compression brace that goes over your shin guard to help hold it in place. The only downside to the shin guard sleeves are that they trap a little bit more heat in that area of your body. More layers will always mean more heat.


Shin Guard Tape

Well, this one is pretty obvious. Everyone has used or still uses shin guard tape. It's simple: Wrap it over your socks below the knee and maybe right above the bottom of the shin guard if you feel like you need it. Shin guard tape gets the job done most of the time, but having a shin guard sleeve can add that extra amount of grip to keep your shin guards from rotating.



The most common reason your shin guard might be turning on you is because it may be the wrong size for your legs! The basic rule for shin guard sizing is that the bottom of the shin guard should sit right on top of your skate boot. Essentially, there should be almost no gap between your skate boot and your shin guard in order to ensure maximum protection. There are sizing charts on each and every product page we have that can help you measure the perfect size you need from each shin guard.


We hope this article helped give you some extra information about keeping your shin guards snug. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you on the ice!

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