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CCM Ribcor Trigger ASY Stick Review

CCM Ribcor Trigger ASY Stick Review

Another year, another Ribcor! CCM launched the new Ribcor Trigger ASY stick in late 2016. Every year, CCM makes a few changes to their most-popular stick line, so let's check out what's new for 2016-17.

Flex Profile

Starting off, the Ribcor line is designed for players who want great puck feel and a lightning-fast release with a low-kick point, and the new Trigger ASY has exactly that. CCM put the brand new ASY-1 flex profile into the stick, which is a new carbon fiber layup method. This allows the Trigger ASY to load and release the puck significantly faster than any other CCM stick.


Last year, CCM ditched the multi-rib design in the bottom of the stick and opted for a single concave rib, called PopMatrix, with the Reckoner. With the new Trigger ASY, the PopMatrix rib returns and it constantly keeps performance fibers in tension for a quick and efficient power transfer. The only downside to the Trigger ASY's construction is that it is still a fused two-piece stick, unlike all of Bauer's true one piece top-of-the-line sticks.

Puck Release

I felt that the Ribcor Trigger ASY had one of the fastest releases of any stick I had ever used. When I put a lot of power into a quick snap shot, the puck launched off the blade and into the net. Even when I felt like I barely loaded the stick, I could still shoot an insanely hard shot thanks to the new carbon fiber layup.


CCM modified the Ascent blade found on the Ribcor Reckoner and made it a little lighter on the Trigger ASY. Players still get the same softer heel for puck handling and stiffer toe for shooting power and accuracy with the new Ascent 2 blade. This is my favorite aspect of Ribcor sticks. As a player who likes to feel the puck and shoot from the toe, the Ribcor Trigger ASY blade is unmatched, especially when using the new P28 McDavid curve.


Another feature that is brought over from the Reckoner to the Trigger ASY is Technora reinforcement. This Aramid carbon fiber is designed to make the shaft extremely durable. CCM did not need to change anything in terms of durability, because it just works. I still use my Ribcor Reckoner pretty often and it works great every game, so the Trigger ASY will last just as long.


The CCM Ribcor Trigger ASY weighs only 415g, which is surprisingly the exact same weight as last year's Reckoner and the feather-light 2016 Bauer Vapor 1X.


A senior CCM Ribcor Trigger ASY stick retails at $269.99 which is a good price for a current top-of-the-line stick. Since most competitors are starting to launch their sticks at $299.99, it's great news that CCM kept the Ribcor stick at a more-affordable price.

Lasting Impressions

Overall, the CCM Ribcor Trigger ASY is one of the best sticks to launch this year. It has amazing puck feel, incredible shooting power and accuracy, as well as great durability. For a player looking for a great low-kick point stick, check out the 2016 CCM Ribcor lineup today at DiscountHockey.com!

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