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2017 Bauer Nexus 1N Stick Review

2017 Bauer Nexus 1N Stick Review

The 2017 edition of Bauer's Nexus sticks are now available! Bauer made a few exciting new changes to the Nexus 1N's technologies, and it feels like they made a brand new stick.


Bauer launched the Nexus stick line in 2012. It brings players a big mid-kick point, meaning the stick flexes the most when the lower hand is placed in the middle of the shaft. Similar to the CCM RBZ stick line's custom-kick point, the Nexus 1N's "Tru-Mid" kick point seems to flex just about anywhere the lower hand is placed. The Nexus 1N stick is best geared towards the player wanting balanced puck feel, effortless release, and deadly accuracy.


The most prominent new feature found in the new Nexus 1N stick is the Easy-Load taper. This new taper design is pretty similar to the Vapor taper (rhyme intended), but is a little less aggressive. The taper found on the 1N now makes the bottom of the shaft much stiffer and makes the kick point about 25% larger.

Kick Point

Bauer continues to bring the Tru-Mid kick point to the Nexus stick family. This means the kick point is in the middle of the shaft, but, with the new Easy-Load taper, it will flex just about anywhere the lower hand is placed. This is my favorite part of the Nexus stick family because snap, wrist, and slap shots all feel powerful and accurate.


Another new feature in the 2017 1N is the Control Shaft. The 1N's shaft is now 14% rounder than the 2015 1N which improves grip and stick control. Bauer made it a hybrid of the Vapor and Supreme shafts - it has the rounded Vapor corners with the same Supreme shaft dimensions - so you get the best of both worlds. After using the 2015 Nexus 1N for a few seasons, the 2017 Nexus 1N felt a little different, but after getting used to it, I absolutely loved it.


After using the 1N for two months, the stick still feels amazing. Bauer continues to use their famous eLASTech resin technology to create the most durable top-of-the-line sticks in hockey. I experienced a few chips in the graphics on the shaft from stick lifts and slashes, but overall, the stick is still going strong.


Bauer did not really touch the blade technology on the 2017 1N, which is okay. Nexus sticks have always had great puck feel, and the new 1N is no different. Once again, the Nexus blade is right in between the Vapor and Supreme lines - it has better puck feel than a Supreme blade but is not nearly as lively as a Vapor blade. 

The blade uses Power Sense Core 2 technology, which is constructed with the next evolution of SENSE technology. The SENSE layer materials are integrated with TeXtreme® carbon fiber on the outer portion of the blade. In turn, the overall blade weight is reduced and balance is improved.


The 2017 Nexus 1N is right in the middle of the road in terms of weight. A senior 1N weighs 420g, which puts it between the Vapor 1X (415g) and the Supreme 1S (440g).


Once again, Bauer has raised the 2017 Nexus 1N's retail price up to a steep $299.99, before taxes. As noted in my 2016 Bauer Vapor 1X stick review, this rising price trend is becoming ridiculous. Bauer releases new versions of each stick line every year now, and with how durable they make their sticks, players don't really need to upgrade with each model. If they want players to upgrade, the prices should be going the other direction. While I like the new taper features on the new Nexus 1N, I still don't feel that it is worth the price tag.

Lasting Impressions

In conclusion, the Nexus 1N is the perfect stick for players who are looking for a stick that's perfectly in between the Vapor and Supreme lineups. The new taper makes the mid-kick point absolutely gigantic and hitting the open corners of the net with the 1N is a breeze. Getting used to the new shaft dimensions took about a game or two, but then the stick felt incredible in my hands.

You can check out the 2017 Bauer Nexus stick family in-store and online at DiscountHockey.com! Thanks for reading and we'll see you on the ice.

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