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Basic Skate Care

Basic Skate Care

Skate steel can receive a variety of blows, whether from the puck or the ice, and remains heavily relied upon during every shift. When skaters do not take care of their steel, it can rust and lose its edge. Both of these factors can result in dangerous situations that could lead to injury. On top of that, poor skate care can lead to needing new skates altogether. To properly take care of ice skates, players need a hand towel and a pair of skate soakers.

The best and easiest way to maintain your skates’ good condition is to make sure they are as dry as possible before placing them back into the bag. The first step in taking care of skates after wearing them is to keep the tongue out of the boot and separate the insoles from the boot. This allows the inside of the skate to dry and prevents mold. The next step in skate care is to wipe down the exterior of your skates. Use the towel to wipe the boot and holder to absorb any remaining ice and water. It is important to clean the boot and holder carefully before putting on soakers. Soakers are made up of an absorbent cloth material that hugs the holder and runner of ice skates, protecting from rust and from damage within your bag. Skates that have water soaked into the boot begin to lose durability and necessary stiffness. Simple attention to your skates after ice time is the best way to ensure their longevity as well as your safety.

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