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Fitting Guide - Shin Guards

Fitting Guide - Shin Guards

The first step when fitting shin guards is to find out whether the player prefers to have the shin pad on the outside or the inside of the skate’s tongue. This preference may contribute to whether the pads are an inch too big or small. If the player prefers to put the shin guard outside the tongue of the skate, the length will be one inch shorter than the players who keeps it on the inside. Here at Discount Hockey, it is recommended that players place the shin guard over the tongue for optimal protection.

The next step to properly fitting shin guards is to measure the length needed. This is easily done by placing the player in their skates and having them sit so the knees are bent at a ninety degree angle. Measure the length in inches from the middle of the knee to an inch above the middle of the ankle bone. The number produced by this measurement will be more accurate than attempting to go by height because each skater’s leg is different. The ideal fit would have padding run from the pants to the skates.

Reebok 20K Shin Guards are the preferred shin guards of the Los Angeles Kings and the majority of NHL players.


What is the widest senior shin guard? I have been trying to compare higher end shin pads including the Reebok 20k, the Bauer Nexus 8000, and the Easton Synergy EQ Pro. I play primarily defense, block a lot of shots and also have very large calves. Of these models, which is the widest and has the most/best wrap-around calf protection?

I can’t afford shin pads, will 2-magazines on each leg tied with some old shoe laces work? I have my sisters soccer shin guards I can ask her if she will let me use them to put over the newspapers/magazines so they look kinda like real Ones at least while I’m getting dressed In the locker room to avoid being teased..
…Any advice or suggestions or better yet resources to some type of charity that provides hockey equip to the unfortunate like my self? How can I meet Wayne Gretzky, maybe he has an old pair he could loan me from his days b4 he became #99 The GREAT ONE, Thanks for your time and consideration hockey family!!!

I’m #23 The NoOne from SO CALIF.

i want gear hoc

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