Selecting Your Goalie Blocker

Posted by Ian Tang

Selecting a blocker is similar to a knight selecting their shield. While it is a piece of equipment it also, along with your pads, is your biggest opportunity for individuality. The design and selection of the blocker often defines the goaltenders style, in the sense of how he looks.

As with all pieces of protective equipment, the most important consideration when selecting a blocker is the fit. If the blocker doesn’t fit properly, it can’t be effectively used to protect, and block pucks. After determining the hand and size of the blocker, it’s time to try some on.

What you are looking for in a blocker is the way it balances on the hand. The blocker shouldn’t wobble or tilt easily. The center of balance should be right of the back of the hand. Another option a goaltender should consider is the ramp on the board. Some boards have higher and steeper boards than others.

The ramp helps give the blocker a better blocking angle to the puck when coming from the ice. The more steep the ramp, the better the blocking angle, but it also makes deflecting the puck less accurate.


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