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How To Fit A Goalie Blocker

How To Fit A Goalie Blocker

As with all pieces of your equipment, it is important for your blocker to fit you properly. Improperly fitting equipment can be dangerous, but the blocker will still protect you if it is too big. If it is too small, it won’t fit at all. However, a blocker that is too big on a small hand severely reduces the goalies ability to control his stick and the blocker.

For blockers, there are four sizes associated with age.

Youth: 5-6 years old

Junior: 7-9 years old

Intermediate: 10-13 years old

Senior: 13 years old - Adult

After following these guidelines, the next step is to put the blocker on. Like with gloves, if a goalie catches with their left hand, they play regular. If they catch with the right, they play full right. The blocker should not fall off when throwing your hands down. The hand should fit comfortably in the glove.

Assuming you are looking for the perfect fit, the standard fitting is for there to be ¼ inch between the tip of the finger and the end of the finger stall. To check the positioning of the fingers in the stall, flip the blocker over and feel the fingers in the glove. If there is more than ¼ inch of room between the tip of the finger and the end of the stall, a smaller size might be needed. Too much room and the goalie will not be able to keep a good one or two finger grip on the paddle.

If the blocker is tilting and wobbling it means that the board is not balanced over the hand well. The board positioning is different on some blockers, so when first trying on a new blocker make sure the position is what you prefer. The Warrior G2 Line offers removable gloves and a variable board positioning. This gives the goaltender who is looking for the most custom fit the opportunity to do so.

Keep in mind, the most important aspect of fitting a blocker is the goaltender’s own preference. These are just guidelines to follow when trying to fit a blocker, but many goaltenders have their own quirks and preferences.

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