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xFlyPuck Hockey Training Puck

$7.67 $10.95
4 in stock

The xFlypuck™ is a training puck that enables players to practice their stick handling movements off-ice all year long!


  • One xFlyPuck™ 6oz off-ice Version.


The xFlyPuck is designed to feel and glide like a regulation puck would on-ice while training off-ice on a plastic surface such as our xTiles or any shooting pad. Get your training as close to on-ice as possible without needing ice time with our xFlyPuck Hockey Training Puck.

  • Simulates the exact weight, glide and feel of an on-ice puck while working off-ice.
  • Specifically designed to glide perfectly on off-ice flooring tiles.
  • Glides easily over any hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and cement.
  • Provides the same training benefits you would get at the rink.
  • Weighs the same as a regular ice hockey puck (6oz /187g).
  • Perfect for use on the xTiles™ System, xHockey Shooting Pads or Hockey Floor Tiles!