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Hockey WrapAround

3 in stock

The Hockey Wrap Around is a lightweight plastic version that allows you to use your favorite on-ice hockey stick off the ice without causing damage to the stick blade. Specifically formulated plastic for maximum durability and flexibility the Hockey WrapAround allows you to play anywhere including on rough surfaces!

  • Specifically formulated plastic for maximum durability and flexibility.
  • Taper fits wide range of sticks: all major brands, junior to senior size.
  • Slap Shot ready once taped to your stick.
  • Extremely lightweight! Approximately 39 grams.


  • One Hockey WrapArond.


The Hockey WrapAround is the latest addition to the Hockey WrapAround lineup. This version features a lightweight plastic compound that’s specifically formulated for maximum durability and flexibility while protecting your favourite on-ice hockey stick. This tool is perfect for use while playing in harsh off-ice environments such as roads or driveways. Simply wrap it around, tape it, and just like that, you’re slap shot ready. The purpose of the Hockey Wraparound is simple; to let you practice the greatest game on earth anywhere, anytime and on any surface without the fear of damaging your high-end hockey sticks. We all know that equipment and ice-time are very expensive and the Hockey Wraparound is the solution to both!

  • Allows players to use their favorite hockey stick off ice without causing damage to the stick blade - train anywhere on any rough surface!
  • Patented design wraps and counters around any stick curve or pattern - square or round blade, left or right handed it doesn't matter.
  • Extends the lifespan of your hockey stick blade.
  • Optimal length, height and light weight allows you to stickhandle and feel the puck as normal.
  • Made of a privately formulated plastic for maximum durability and flexibility!
  • Comes in white or black color options.
  • Tapered to fit a wider range of sticks (all major brands) for junior, intermediate and senior sizes for lefts and rights.
  • Takes less than 60 seconds to put on.
  • Completely Slap Shot ready when taped.


For Junior or Intermediate sticks, please ensure you fit the WrapAround unit with a snug fit at the toe...then follow the blade and trim any excess at the heel. As a general rule, you will cut both several notches off of the heel on a junior stick and approximately one off of the heel for an intermediate stick. If the Hockey WrapAround unit is tight to the stick, it is much stronger as it has the stability of your stick blade behind it. It is recommend that you tape the WrapAround completely to the blade to hold the unit as tightly as possible to the stick.