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CCM Ribcor 86K Junior Ice Hockey Stick

1 in stock

The Ribcor 86K hockey stick is designed with an ergonomic E-shape shaft to maximize puck handling speed, and its state-of-the-art peel-ply blade means you can adapt your game to get the puck feel you want. Combine the low kick point of the Ribcor line with the seamless energy transfer coming from this shaft geometry and step up your game with rapid shots and easy puck release.



Technical Features

Level of Play Recreational
Kick Point LOW KICK POINT. Engineered low kick point to help increase release speed on shots.
Blade ASCENT BLADE WITH PEEL-PLY. An optimized stiffness profile that transitions seamlessly from softer in the heel to extra stiff in the toe for heightened puck feel and quick releases.
Shaft Geometry ERGONOMIC "E" GEOMETRY. Unique ergonomic geometry designed to offer a seamless energy transfer to maximize speed of release.
Material C6 Weave on blade.
Warranty 30 days through the manufacturer
Weight TBD
Available Flexes
  • 40 Flex (51")
  • 50 Flex (54")
Available Patterns
  • P28
  • P29


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