Bauer Re-akt 150 Hockey Helmet

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Bauer Re-akt 150 Hockey Helmet

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Bauer introduces the Re-Akt 150 helmet, which improves upon previous Re-Akt models with a new adjustment feature to help fit any size head. Add in the comfort pods and XRD foam, and you get a helmet that keeps you safer and more comfortable during all game play.

The CSA, HECC and CE certified helmet features freeform adjustment, which allows for full customization thanks to a central tool-free adjustment that is new to the Re-Akt series. The Re-AKT 150 also includes two side adjustments for a full 360 fit. 

The XRD foam works alongside the VTX technology and multi-density liner to promote safety, allowing the foam to move freely from the helmet itself. This protects you from high-impact hits and collisions. 

You receive supreme protection without sacrificing comfort. You really can have it all in one helmet.





Customized Fit

FreeForm Adjustment system offers independent width and length adjustment


Comfort pods conform to your head for comfort and protection


VTX Technology, XRD® Foam; Molded, multi-density liner for maximum coverage; CSA, HECC, CE certified

Helmet Size Circumference (cm.) Circumference (in.)
Small 52 - 56 20.4" - 22"
Medium 56 - 59.5 22 - 23.4"
Large 59.5 - 64 23.4" - 25"