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xTiles™ 18" Hockey Dryland Flooring Tiles

$14.99 $17.99
5+ in stock

The most durable dryland tile on the market, xTiles are guarenteed for life to ensure you maintain highest quality and get the most use out of your training setup. It takes a lot of paractice to make the NHL, and these tiles will last the entire time.

Note, they are not for use with skates. Shoes are recommended.


  • One Injection Molded Dryland Flooring Tiles (18"x18") with xGlide infused additive.
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with the xTiles Passer.


Create your very own hockey training zone with the xTiles™ 18"Hockey Dryland Flooring Tiles. These snap-together tiles simulate the slickness and smoothness of the ice, and best of all they won't break your budget. Our 18" Dryland Flooring Tiles are infused during the manufacturing process with xGlide (an additive) to make them the slickest in their class!  We've got you covered for all types of flooring for training at xHockeyProducts.

  • 18"x18" is the second largest dryland flooring tile on the market, next to our xTiles.
  • Easy to assemble in minutes.
  • Made of a molded plastic with a cavity-back for a light-weight, economical yet strong option.
  • Sold individually with no minimum order. Perfect for your custom sized area.
  • With xGlide, these Dryland flooring tiles will simulate the slickness of ice.
  • These tiles are strong enough to park your car on top of which makes them ideal to use in your garage or driveway.
  • Connect with a hook and latch system which enables you to assemble or take down an entire floor quickly.


Note: this product is for dryland training and is not intended for use with skates. We always recommend using shoes while using this off-ice training floor.


Key Information

Width 18"
Length 18"
Thickness 1/2"
Expandable Yes
Added xGlide Enhancement Yes
Skateable Not Recommended. Shoes only.
Country Manufactured In: USA