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xTargets 3.0 Shooting Targets

$15.95 $19.95
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Improve your hockey shot with xTargets™ 3.0. This is the same design as our original xTargets™; however, we utilize an economical, yet durable, vinyl construction for the targets. This system provides shooters with 3 targets that can be positioned anywhere in the net for shooting accuracy. Players enjoy seeing the targets flip as they work on accuracy. Coaches find this to be a compact target solution for their coaching bag with the added versatility to create unique shooting scenarios that replicate today's goaltending styles.

  • Easily sets up at any height level in a net.
  • Provides immediate feedback with sound and visual movement.
  • No need to reset the targets as they swing back into place.
  • Easily portable with a space-saving design. Ideal for one-on-one coaching or if you are missing a goalie.
  • An economical, yet durable, version of our high-end xTargets™.
  • One set of xTargets™ 3.0 Hockey Shooting Accuracy Targets.

All great players agree that accuracy is a key element to a player's ability to put the puck in the net. Knowing this, xHockeyProducts™ set out to design a target system with flexibility in mind. Introducing the xTargets™ 3.0 system. This unique three-target system was originally invented by our team utilizing durable plastic targets, which we still offer today as xTargets. Just like our original version, players may easily set up targets at any height in the net, so beginner or pro, this system will challenge players of all ability levels. The xTARGETS™ system provides instant feedback through movement of hit targets, and returns to a neutral position after each target is hit. This means that once the xTARGETS are set in place, no re-sets are required. The xHockeyProducts™ panel of professional players who tested the xTARGETS™ found that trying to shoot around targets (without hitting them) was another challenging way to use the system. Check out the related xTargets™ video and you'll see what we mean.

  • Manufactured with a heavy-duty vinyl material.
  • Perfect for on-ice and off-ice training.
  • Ideal for one-on-one coaching or if you are missing a goalie.
  • Ultimate portability and fold up to fit in any hockey or coaches bag.
  • Perfect for all ages and development levels as they can be positioned at any height within a net.
  • Now you have the flexibility to set up targets at various positions and heights to teach players how to score when a goaltender is in a butterfly position!
  • Made in the USA.