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xTiles Passer

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The xTiles Passer™ is the only passing aid on the market that integrates seamlessly with our revolutionary xTiles Dryland Flooring Tiles, creating the ideal passing option due to added stability. Improve your passing, reaction speed, and puck control skill with a trainer that returns pucks as fast as you can pass them.

  • Designed to enhance your proficiency of passing and receiving a pass.
  • Fully integrates into the xTiles System.
  • Returns a pass at virtually the same speed which it receives it.


  • One xTiles Passer™ (with flooring tile to integrate into xTiles™ 22" Version, xTiles™ sold separately).
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with the xTiles 18" version.


THE DEFINITIVE PASSING AND RECEIVING TRAINER FOR THE xTILES™ SYSTEM: fundamental to the game of hockey are the skills of passing and receiving a pass. Becoming proficient in these two skills is paramount to both personal and team success.

The easily portable xTiles Passer™ is the perfect training device to develop accurate passing, and with its exceptional rebounding, it challenges players when receiving a pass. The patent-pending xPasser™ was designed to be the optimum training device to fit each player's ability level since it returns a pass at virtually the same speed as that which it received a pass. Improve your game with the xTiles Passer!

  • Designed to enhance your proficiency of passing and receiving a pass.
  • Returns a pass at virtually the same speed as that which it receives a pass.
  • Fully integrates into the xTiles™ System.
  • Utilizes the highest quality materials to meet our xHockeyProducts™ standard.
  • No cavity-back, the components are full thickness high-density plastic throughout.
  • Built to withstand commercial training facility environments.
  • Made in the USA.


At xHockeyProducts™ and Fan-tastic Sports™ events throughout North America, we're consistently asked if home users can purchase our high-density plastic flooring with proprietary snap-together pattern. Unfortunately, the only option was to purchase full size pro-thickness sheets at a minimum quantity. That is until now...

Introducing the xHockeyProducts™ xTILES flooring system. This system is perfect for home use in places like the basement, garage or driveway.

The system incorporates eight (8) 22.25" square tiles that easily snap together with our proprietary puzzle pattern, which easily expands to suit your needs. At Fan-tastic Sports™, we know that space is a premium, so we designed this flooring system to be quickly disassembled and stored in a very small area. This allows you the flexibility to regain space whenever you need it, and/or to transport your system to any location. Made of high-density plastic, this floor is tough!

In addition, xHockeyProducts™ has come out with a line of products specifically designed to quickly connect to your X-TILES flooring system.

  • xHockeyProducts™ lineup available to add:
  • xTILES™ - the flooring system.
  • xDEVIATOR™ MINI - with a floor locking tile option.
  • xTILES PASSER™ - easily attaches to xTILES flooring.
  • xSAUCER™ - refining saucer passing and accuracy skills.
  • xTILES POCKET™- for use with xDEVIATOR™ lineup.

Innovative products from your friends at xHockeyProducts™. Built for players by players!