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Marsblade O1 Kit

2 in stock

Take your hockey training to the streets with the Marsblade 01 Chasis Kit. The Marsblade 01 Chasis can be installed on any skate and simulates the feel of being on the ice. The Marsblade 01 Chasis Kit contains everything that you will need to help maximize your off ice training skating experience. The patented Flow Motion Technology, of the Marsblade Chasis, is a unique rocker that replicates the radius shaped steel of ice hockey skates and simulates the feel of being on the ice. The rocker is also designed to challenge a player's balance and to activate the core and stabilizer muscles in order to improve on ice skating performance.

Optional: Our Pro Shop team can professionally install the Marsblade 01 Chasis to your existing hockey skates. The optional installation service, can be chosen on our website, at the time that the purchase of the Marsblade 01Chasis Kit is made. Simply choose the installation option, send us your skates, and we'll complete the installation process and return the skates to you. For more information on the installation service, please call our customer service team at 833-326-4537


Flow Motion Technology

Each century a few new product innovations enter a market to completely change the industry. Like when the carbon fiber hockey stick was launched or when Apples iPhone changed how we see mobile communication. It’s now time for the skating and skiing industry to take the next technology leap.

The human body is developed to move with smooth movements to be as energy efficient, fast and powerful as possible. However, the traditional rigid ice and inline skates as well as ski bindings limits the ability to a natural movement pattern. The rocking motion of Flow Motion Technology allows you to get your natural maneuverability back, maximizing performance as well as your skating comfort.

Just like there’s no going back to the old wooden hockey stick or the old mobile phone, there’s no going back after trying Flow Motion Technology, trust us. Or, don’t trust us, try our products and find out for yourself.


Box Content

  • Marsblade O1 Chassis x 2
  • Labeda All-Purpose Wheels x 10 (hardness 78A) that offers great speed, grip and wear on outdoor and some indoor surfaces:
  • * 8x76mm + 2x72mm (size L)
  • * 8x72mm + 2x68mm (size M)
  • * 8x68mm + 2x64mm (size S)
  • Bearings x 16
  • Wheel Axles x 8
  • Bearing Spacers x 8
  • Marsblade O1 Multitool
  • Tech Manual/User Guide


Sizing Chart

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