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Buttendz Grips

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BUTTENDZ teamed up with NHL superstar Patrick Kane to design the new and improved Twirl 88 Stick Grip. Stop spinning your roll of tape for raised grip on your taped knob only to end up with an uneven, bulky looking knob. This grip offers the same concept with a softer feel and a more symmetrical design that will not only reduce vibration but will also reduce wear and tear on your gloves.


Designed for the player who is looking for more top hand mobility. The knob of the Fusion Z is half the size of the Flux Z knob, and the rounded edges make it perfect for rolling the wrist when puck handling and shooting. The smooth sides, combined with the Buttendz Tiling Texture, give the player a perfectly consistent feel for the puck.


With the same knob and length dimensions as the previous FLUX model, the FLUX Z features an upgraded rubber quality for increased grip and durability. The medium-sized top knob helps reduce grip pressure and vibration while enhancing feel and causing less glove wear than traditional taped knobs.


Designed in collaboration with LA Kings Goaltender, Jonathan Quick, The Sentry, is the ultimate goalie grip. With an over-sized knob and BE tiling all around the handle, the grip provides everything a tendy needs to protect their net. Stick handling and sharp passing has become one of the most important attributes of a successful goalie…It's time for Upgrade!

In addition to its sleek style, the two-color Buttendz is composed of 100% Natural Rubber; bringing an end to abrasive, inconsistent, soggy tape. And, our proprietary application process makes it easy to apply, AND reusable!!!

Each package contains 1 multi-use Buttendz applicator.

Fits all stick sizes.