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Warrior Covert QRL Stick Review

Warrior Covert QRL Stick Review

After the widely successful release of Warrior's Covert QR1 stick in 2014, Warrior did not have much to improve upon with 2016's Covert QRL. The Covert stick family still brings players that famous low-kick point, but now with Dagger Taper III technology. This new taper design is a thin-but-strong hosel that absolutely fires pucks with minimal effort. Accurate snap shots and slap shots are a breeze with the Warrior QRL.

The newest feature Warrior incorporates into the Covert QRL is Minimus 1000 carbon fiber. It is a super lightweight aerospace carbon composite weave that constructs the entire stick. Minimus 1000 carbon fiber is incredibly durable which gives the shaft and blade much more longevity. This is certainly a welcomed upgrade for the QRL because the QR1 had some durability issues with the blade.

Also, Minimus 1000 carbon fiber makes the QRL weigh only 409 grams, which is a relatively minor, but still noticeable, upgrade from the ultra-lightweight 412 gram QR1. The Covert QRL is currently the lightest stick on the market this generation, well ahead of its close competitor in the Bauer Vapor 1X (419 grams).

Minimus 1000 carbon fiber, in conjunction with the Dagger Taper III, brings a noticeable improvement to the stick's release time from the last generation of Covert sticks. This is not saying the QR1 had a slow release - it was one of the quickest-shooting sticks on the market - the QRL just releases shots better and even faster.

On the QRL stick, Warrior continues to use True1 construction from past Covert sticks, which eliminates a fusion point between the shaft and the blade, making it a true one piece stick. True1 construction allows the QRL to be incredibly lightweight in order to improve puck handling.

Last, the Pro CorTex grip on the QRL is one of my favorite grip styles available. The shaft has a ribbed, tactile texture around the shaft, like a Bauer Supreme stick, to give players a little more control. Also, the grip texture is noticeable but not overpowering. I feel like I have great control over the stick and puck without feeling like my hands are glued to the stick.

Warrior Covert QRL sticks are now available right here at DiscountHockey.com! Thanks for reading and we'll see you on the ice.

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