Warrior Covert, Dynasty, & Alpha: Which One Is Right For Me?

Posted by Drake Martin

Today's hockey equipment industry is run by three major manufacturers: Bauer, CCM, and Warrior. Each manufacturer has three "families" of equipment tailored to different player build types and playing style. In years past, we compared Bauer's gear lines, CCM's gear lines, and now we will be taking a look at Warrior's.

Since its inception, Warrior relied on just two lines of product: Covert and Dynasty. But, in 2017, their third product line launched: Alpha. Let's see what each offers.



The Covert QRL stick is the flagship model in Warrior's Covert line and it bring players a low-kick point with great puck feel. Warrior Covert sticks use Dagger Taper III technology, which is a uniquely thin and strong hosel, to easily load up on lightning-quick shots.

Warrior Covert sticks are ideal for players who like to stickhandle and shoot quick-release snap shots. They are most similar to Bauer Vapor and CCM Ribcor sticks.

NHL players who use a Covert QRL stick: Erik Karlsson (OTT), Max Domi (ARI), Brendan Gallagher (MTL).


The Dynasty HD1 is the top-of-the-line stick in the mid-kick Dynasty line. Dynasty sticks have mid-kick points with HyperDrive technology, which is based off the Quick Release technology first found in last-generation's Covert QR1 line. 

Warrior Dynasty sticks are a great choice for players who unleash hard one-timers and slap shots and closely resemble Bauer Supreme and CCM Tacks sticks.

NHL players who use a Warrior Dynasty HD1: Leon Draisaitl (EDM), Henrik Zetterberg (DET), Tyler Johnson (TBL).


Warrior Alpha sticks use their proprietary Quick Strike technology to create effortless loading for explosive, and precisely-accurate releases. Alpha sticks have a kick point that extends from wherever the bottom hand is placed through the lower shaft. Then, the Saber Taper keeps the bottom of the stick stiff during loading in release, improving shot accuracy.

Alpha sticks are best suited for players looking for a stick that can shoot like both a low-kick and mid-kick stick with pinpoint accuracy. They are most similar to Bauer Nexus and CCM RBZ sticks.

NHL players who use Warrior Alpha sticks: Johnny Gaudreau (CGY), Nicklas Backstrom (WSH), Brandon Saad (CHI).



Warrior Covert gloves bring players a "hybrid" anatomical-tapered fit, dubbed the "Covert Taper" fit, which means they are very snug throughout the wrist, backhand, and fingers for protection. However, the wrist remains quite flexible, thanks to the AnyFlex cuff. This cuff style allows for wrist freedom when stickhandling and offers ultimate slash protection.

Warrior Covert gloves feel like Bauer Supreme gloves because of their snug fit but perform similar to Bauer Vapor gloves because of the cuff.

NHL players using Warrior Covert QRL gloves: Brendan Gallagher (MTL), Ryan Getzlaf (ANA).


Warrior Dynasty gloves have a traditional, 4-roll style. They are roomy from the wrist down to the fingers and give players maximum wrist mobility while stickhandling. Warrior Dynasty gloves feel and perform most similarly to Bauer Nexus and CCM 4-Roll gloves.

NHL players wearing Warrior Dynasty AX1 gloves: Jimmy Vesey (NYR), Mikko Koivu (MIN), Andrej Sustr (TBL).


Warrior's newest glove line, Alpha, uses Hybrid Taper Fit to add a tapered look and feel to a traditional 4-roll style glove. They are loose from the backhand to the fingers for a great range of motion while stickhandling but are snug in the wrist for slash protection.

Warrior Alpha gloves feel like a Bauer Nexus glove with a Vapor cuff or a CCM 4-Roll glove with a Tacks cuff.



Warrior Covert pants have a low-profile fit where the pants fit snug throughout. They hug the waist, thighs, and fit close to the knee. Warrior Covert QRL pants use a floating internal waist belt system for ultimate comfort and fit. They also use WarTech FnC liner that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, keeping the pants smelling fresh and clean.

Warrior Covert pants fit most similarly to Bauer Supreme pants.

NHL players wearing Warrior Covert pants: Brendan Gallagher (MTL), Johnny Gaudreau (CGY), Erik Karlsson (OTT).


Warrior Dynasty pants come in a two piece style where the girdle and outer shell are separate pieces. They have a higher-volume, more protective fit style that is geared towards players who block shots. They also offer the same WarTech FnC liner as the Covert line that prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing.

Warrior Dynasty pants have a similar fit style to Bauer Nexus and CCM Tacks pants.

Under Protective


Warrior Dynasty shin guards, shoulder pads, and elbow pads are high-volume and ultra-protective. They use Smart Cap technology, which is a soft, outer shell above the padding, to prevent injuries to both players involved in the hit.

Warrior Dynasty protective has a wide and roomy fit, which makes it one of the most comfortable protective lines on the market. They are ideal for players who block shots, deliver big hits, and want to stay protected from anything or anyone coming their way. Dynasty protective fits similarly to Bauer Nexus and CCM Tacks protective gear.


Warrior Alpha protective has a tapered fit style, which means the shoulder pads are wider in the shoulders and narrower in the torso, the elbow pads are wider in the biceps and narrower in the forearms, and the shin guards are wider in the knee and narrower through the shin.

The tapered fit feels most similar to Bauer Vapor under protective, yet the bulkier and protective caps feel like the Bauer Nexus line. Players who want the fit of a Bauer Vapor pad but with the Nexus protection should pick up the Warrior Alpha protective line today.


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