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CCM Super Tacks Stick Review

CCM Super Tacks Stick Review

CCM's 2015 Ultra Tacks stick was widely popular among youth, recreational, and professional hockey players. With its mid kick point, amazing puck feel, and an insanely accurate shot, it was the definition of an all-around stick.

Now, CCM has made even more changes with the all-new 2016 Super Tacks stick. Let's take a look!

Kick Point

On the Super Tacks stick, CCM took the traditional mid kick point from the Ultra Tacks and replaced it with a Dual Flex profile. This means players will still get that traditional mid kick power on slap shots as well as a quick-releasing low kick point for wrist and snap shots.

This dual kick point was the most exciting new feature on the Super Tacks. I liked the original Tacks and Ultra Tacks sticks, but I usually found myself using a low kick point stick, like a CCM Ribcor or Bauer Vapor, in the big game. Now that the Tacks stick family can also shoot like a low kick stick, I use it much more frequently.


The Ultra Tacks' AttackFrame™ blade was another major reason for its success. It was really stiff, which gave it incredible puck feel, shooting power, and accuracy. There was not much to improve upon with the Super Tacks blade, but CCM did it anyways. They introduced the new Aculite™ blade, which is basically the same blade as the Ultra Tacks, but is a few grams lighter, thanks to a new carbon fiber layout.

Obviously, this isn't the most groundbreaking new feature ever put on a new stick, but shaving off a few grams is always a positive, especially on a top-of-the-line stick. The blade on the Ultra Tacks stick was one of the best ever, in my opinion, so why fix what wasn't broken?

The CCM Super Tacks stick has one of the most accurate blades on the market - picking corners on goalies has never been easier. I would say the Super Tacks is a must-use for players who like to shoot the puck.


Another feature in last year's Ultra Tacks stick that made it stand out from the rest was the shaft with Bumper Technology reinforcement. This prevented cracks from forming and spreading after CCM researched the most commonly-slashed areas of sticks.

Once again, CCM made a small improvement to a great feature by adding extra reinforcement to the most-slashed area on the Super Tacks - right above the hosel at the CCM logo.

For players that used the Ultra Tacks, it was no secret that the shaft felt a little thicker and bulkier because of this reinforcement. While players with average- to large-sized hands wouldn't notice too much of a difference, players with smaller hands often complained about how they couldn't get a great grip. The shaft on the Super Tacks stick is actually a tiny bit thicker than the Ultra Tacks, thanks to that added durability. So, smaller players may still run into issues gripping the stick.

Lasting Impressions

Overall, the CCM Super Tacks is a small but notable improvement to its amazing Ultra Tacks predecessor. The dual kick point is a great reason to add this stick to any player's arsenal because it adds even more versatility to an already well-rounded stick. The extremely accurate Super Tacks can still pick corners on the best goalies and it is the perfect addition for any player looking to score more goals or make perfect passes.

You can check out the full 2016 Tacks stick line right here at DiscountHockey.com! Thanks for reading and we'll see you on the ice. 


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