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CCM RBZ Revolution Stick Review

CCM RBZ Revolution Stick Review

The brand new CCM RBZ Revolution is now available! There are some exciting new features on this year's RBZ stick, so let's take a look!


CCM has been manufacturing the RBZ stick line since 2012 after partnering with golf club manufacturer TaylorMade. The addition of TaylorMade's driver technologies to hockey sticks has created one of the fastest-shooting family of sticks ever.


RBZ sticks primarily focus on new blade technology with each new generation. RBZ blades are always hollow with "pockets" to maximize shooting power and minimize blade weight. In the RBZ Revolution, CCM took the hollow blade and added something remarkable.

CCM took TaylorMade's Power Alloy Faceplate technology from their drivers and put it on the blade face of the RBZ Revolution. This material can help launch a golf ball 300+ yards with ease, so let's see how it holds up shooting pucks.

Power-wise, the RBZ Revolution does not disappoint. Every time I take a shot, be it a wrist shot, snap shot, or slap shot, the puck absolutely launches off the blade. The blade has that trademarked pop found in all previous RBZ sticks, with even more power thanks to the Power Alloy Faceplate.

Stick handling-wise, RBZ sticks have never had great puck feel due to the hollow blade core. Unfortunately, this still rings true for the Revolution. While the Power Alloy Faceplate adds a slightly more "solid" feel to the blade, a player who considers him or herself as more of a dangler may still want to reach for the new Super Tacks or Ribcor Reckoner instead.

Kick Point

CCM continues to bring the custom kick point to the RBZ stick family. This means the kick point exists all throughout the shaft and will flex anywhere the lower hand is placed. This is my favorite aspect of the RBZ Revolution because, as a player who takes a wide variety of shots each game, I never feel like I am on the ice with the wrong stick. Snap shots, slap shots, and wrist shots all feel the same - extremely powerful.


After using the RBZ Revolution in six games, the blade still shoots just as hard it did the first game. Past RBZ sticks had lots of durability issues with their blades, generally beginning with the composite material chipping away. The Power Alloy Faceplate seems to have fixed this issue because the majority of the blade is now metal.

CCM also improves the RBZ's shaft durability with the addition of Technora Aramid carbon fiber. Aramid fibers increase the stick's durability without compromising performance due to their flexible properties. This carbon fiber material was first used in CCM's Ribcor Reckoner, and it is exciting to see CCM begin to bring technologies across their three lines of sticks.


The RBZ Revolution is a little on the heavy side. It weighs in at 435 grams, which makes it CCM's heaviest stick by a significant amount (The Ribcor Reckoner weighs 415 grams and the Super Tacks weighs 420 grams). I prefer lighter sticks, so I was a little surprised at how heavy the Revolution felt for a top-of-the-line stick.


CCM raised the retail price of the RBZ Revolution up to a steep $299.99, before taxes. If you read my 2016 Bauer Vapor 1X stick review, you'll know about my displeasure towards this rising price trend. However, the price jump is a little more understandable for CCM because they actually made changes to their stick. While I like the new blade features on the RBZ Revolution, I don't feel that they are worth the price tag yet.

Lasting Impressions

In conclusion, the RBZ Revolution is the perfect stick for players who like to fire pucks on net. The custom kick point is incredibly versatile, making the Revolution a great option for any shooting style. The Power Alloy Faceplate is a remarkable upgrade for shooting power, but it does not really ameliorate the puck feel woes of past RBZ sticks. I would highly recommend the RBZ Revolution to snipers or to players who want a heavier top-of-the-line stick.

You can check out the full 2016 CCM RBZ stick family in-store and online at DiscountHockey.com! Thanks for reading and we'll see you on the ice.


I have not used this stick yet but from what I can tell it is a great stick but way way way to over priced, It is just crazy how much the averge stick costs and that one little strip of metal or whaterver costs 200$!

So if there are any moms or people reading this you can bacicly get the same stick for 200$ less but it wont have that strip of metal on it.

In terms of accuracy, I’m slightly less enthusiastic, and I’ll te

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