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JetSpeed FT2 vs. FT1

CCM JetSpeed FT2 vs. FT1: What's the Difference?

 The last round of JetSpeed ice skates hit the ice with impeccable strides, thanks to its innovative one-piece boot and SpeedBlade HyperGlide steel. Players instantly felt a customized fit, helping maximize turning radius and speed up the ice. In 2019, CCM introduces the JetSpeed FT2 skate, which builds on all of the advantages from the previous model. What can you expect to be the major differences in the two skates? Read on to find out.

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JetSpeed FT1 Skates

JetSpeed FT1 skatesIn order to understand the advantages you're provided from the newest in CCM's JetSpeed line, it's important to understand the innovation we saw two years ago from the JetSpeed FT1.

Along with another of CCM's other skate lines, the Tacks, the JetSpeed skates moved to a one-piece boot, providing players an advantage in fit, weight and energy transfer. By removing the outsole underneath the boot, CCM created a one-piece, seamless quarter package that enhances overall fit. With the excess materials removed, the skate became considerably lighter, boosting the player's ability to get up the ice quicker and make sharp cuts without wiping out. 

This all connects with players' energy transfer with each stride. With a one-piece boot, skaters are only putting strain on one part of the skate, rather than multiple joints and seams in a two-piece skate. The result was explosive speed, even from a standing position.

The one-piece boot, labeled LITEFRAME 360 technology in the JetSpeed line, provides a close and tapered fit, providing players an excellent feel every time they hit the ice.

Working alongside this technology is a SpeedBlade HyperGlide runner, which provides glide efficiency, and a much longer edge life. The TotalDri Pro Liner wicks away moisture inside the skate with extreme efficiency, keeping you dry and the skates light all game.

See it in action below:

The New JetSpeed FT2 Skates

CCM advertises an "enhanced one-piece boot" with the FT2. After reading what you've read and seeing what you saw in the video above, what else could they have possibly done to improve the one-piece boot from just one product release ago?

LITEFRAME 360 EVO technology is featured in the FT2, Not only does it not include an outsole like the previous top-of-the-line skate, but it doesn't include stitching or glue in the high energy-transfer areas, allowing players to really fly on the rink. What was a huge step the previous model has become a giant leap in two years time.

CCM took the full 360-wrap plan to another level, too. Why stop at the boot when you can include the tongue? Enhancing the fit is the Metatomic tongue, which includes an asymmetrical flex point that wraps around the entire top of your foot.

Remember how the FT1's SpeedBlade HyperGlide steel really helped you cut into turns? Yup, that's been improved upon, as well.

Featured in the JetSpeed FT2 is the SpeedBlade XS1 Black is treated with oxide and provides a harder runner and a longer life. Looking for more height to improve crossovers and overall performance? The SB XS1 Black provides 12 percent more height than standard blades.

The XS1 also includes a desirable new feature titled BladeLock technology, which allows players to quickly swap blades out. This positive-lock mechanism improves on the spring-lock systems you've seen in the past, tightly securing the blade to the holder, preventing the blade from loosening or disconnecting at key times. 

The Conclusion

It goes without saying that the JetSpeed FT2 is an improvement over the FT1. However, if you're not ready to spend the $899.99 retail price on the newest model, the FT1s are as revolutionary as they come. If you've never tried on a pair of JetSpeeds (let alone a pair of the top-of-the-line JetSpeeds), the FT1s are still a top-end skate in the industry. Remember, with the release of the new FT2s, all former JetSpeed skates are now seeing major markdowns!

If you live in the New York or New Jersey area, stop into one of our xHockeyProducts shops to try on either model, as well as any others in the JetSpeed lines. 

Have you tried out the JetSpeed FT2s? If so, I want to hear from you! Get in touch with us via our social media channels, or drop an email to Jeff at jponder@discounthockey.com.

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