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Carry, Wheeled, Backpack, & Wheeled Backpack Bags: Which One Is Right For Me?

Carry, Wheeled, Backpack, & Wheeled Backpack Bags: Which One Is Right For Me?

Getting your hockey gear to and from the rink can be a hassle, sometimes. There are several different styles of hockey bags out there, with each type being different and unique in its own way. In this article, we explain the differences between different types of bags and how each one can benefit you.

Carry Bags

Carry bags are the tried-and-true classics of the hockey bag world. They're perfect for throwing over your shoulder and in the back of your car or truck. A couple different models include skate compartments and other pockets, while others just have one zipper and keep all your gear in one big pocket. Some are made of durable synthetic leather while others are cloth that can rip over time.

Some downsides of using carry bags are possible shoulder pain and disorganization. Most carry bags are just one big pocket with a few small accessory pockets on the sides. No matter how neatly you place your equipment inside the bag at home, all of your gear will just be in a giant pile by the time you make it to the locker room. All of the weight of the bag will be on one shoulder which can cause discomfort.


Carry Bags we recommend:

Warrior Pro Player Equipment Carry Bag

Bauer Team Premium Player Carry Bag

CCM Pro Carry Equipment Bag

CCM 240 Deluxe Carry Equipment Bag

Eagle LPL 11 Player Bag

Easton Team Medium Equipment Bag

Easton Synergy Elite Medium Equipment Bag

Warrior Player Carry Bag


Wheeled Bags

Why carry your gear when you can pull it? Having a wheeled bag is perfect after games when you're tired and don't want to carry your gear. If you have any kind of back problems, this is the bag for you. On the contrary, having a wheeled bag is a surefire way to get chirped by your opponents and teammates alike. You might hear the saying, "if your hockey bag has wheels, you probably don't," but hockey bags are about practicality and what will make transporting your gear the easiest.

Wheeled bags will be heavier than carry bags, so players who travel a lot with a wheeled bag will likely have some difficulty fitting them in cars and paying extra baggage fees on airlines.

Wheeled Bags we recommend:

Bauer S14 Core Wheeled Equipment Bag

CCM 280 Deluxe Wheeled Equipment Bag

Warrior Covert Wheeled Player Bag


Wheeled Tower Bags

The Tower hockey bag is perfect for any organized hockey player. If you have an obsession with things being organized, this equipment bag is perfect for you. It comes with shelves and storage for every piece of equipment you can possibly think of. They are the most "O.C.D friendly" bag money can by.

The downside to tower bags is the size - these bags are absolutely massive. Players who drive small cars will find these bags next to impossible to fit inside and will pay a lot of airline fees when traveling.

Tower Bags we recommend:

Grit HT1 Wheeled Tower Equipment Bag

Backpack Bags

If you're a player taking your motorcycle to hockey, I highly recommend you get one of these bad boys. You may get chirped along the way, but it's perfect for your use. They're also a lot more compact than wheeled or carry bags and can fit easily in your trunk. If you bring a couple of sticks to every game, some backpack bags have slots to hold those, too. These bags can also help prevent shoulder pain because they distribute the weight over both shoulders, unlike standard carry bags.

Big players who wear X-Large shoulder pads, elbow pads, etc. might have difficulty fitting anything more than equipment in a backpack bag. The compact shape might make carrying the team's water bottles, puck bags, jerseys, etc. difficult.



Backpack Bags we recommend:

Reebok 8K Backpack Carry Bag 

Bauer Premium Backpack Carry Bag

Wheeled Backpack Bags

Some days you may want to pull your hockey gear, and some days you may want to just throw it on your back. A wheeled backpack bag is your best option for that situation. When on your back, it's very compact and easy to put anywhere. Plus, you can wheel it just as easily.

The downsides to wheeled backpack bags are the same as the carry backpack bags above.

Wheeled Backpack Bags we recommend:

CCM 290 Wheeled Equipment Carry Backpack Bag

Reebok 18K Wheeled Backpack Bag

With all styles of bags, be sure to size them properly to the size of your equipment. We have categorized all bags on our site by size and labeled them with "Senior," "Intermediate," "Junior," and "Youth" to help players easily find the right size. Be sure to check out our selection of bags right here at DiscountHockey.com! 

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