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CCM JetSpeed Skates Review

CCM JetSpeed Skates Review

Back in 2013, CCM launched their RBZ skate line into a very niche market. I found myself in that small market and I was pretty impressed with the performance of the original RBZ skate, but not the durability. I used my RBZs for a couple of seasons before switching to the Bauer Vapor 1X skates after the tendon guard on both skates started to break off. Many other players who skated in them complained about how the fit was too loose, didn't really fit their feet very well, and were a little on the heavy side.

CCM took these issues into serious consideration when designing the new and improved, full composite JetSpeed ice skates.

First off, the JetSpeed's fit is entirely different than that of the original RBZ skates. The JetSpeed skates have a much narrower, stiffer, and form-fitting boot and they feel nearly identical to the Bauer Vapor 1X skates - the current standard for snug-fitting skates. When I first put the skates on, my heels were instantly locked into place and my feet felt very comfortable.

The CCM JetSpeeds (790g) are also 40 grams lighter than their RBZ predecessor (830g) and 12 grams lighter than their full composite competitor in the Bauer 1X (802g). The contoured RocketFrame™ full composite boot helps make them the lightest skate on the market so far in 2015. This weight differential is extremely noticeable, too. When I first took the ice in my 1X skates earlier this year, I was overwhelmed by how light they felt. Then, after skating around in the even lighter JetSpeed skates, I could tell that CCM planned to be the front runner for full composite ice skates. 

Then, returning to the fragile tendon guard issue from the original RBZ skates, the JetSpeeds have a double-stitched tendon guard to improve their durability. The ankles also feature Durazone Abrasion Protection for additional comfort.

The JetSpeed skates still utilize the same SpeedBlade 4.0 holder / Hyper-Glide runner combo as seen on the original RBZ skates. For those that haven't used these before, the SpeedBlade 4.0 holder makes the boot sit 4mm higher off the ice than other holders, improving the turning radius by 10% for exceptional turning in tight corners. The Hyper-Glide runner uses a polished, mirror-like steel to reduce friction and give you a superior glide with better edging.

The JetProtect tongue is another new feature found in the JetSpeed skates. Going from the inside out, the first layer of the tongue contains thick and comfortable white felt, then a layer of EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) foam, and finally, a layer of HD (High Density) foam. The outer portion of the tongue features a protective ridge for the laces to rest upon, a "heavy weapon" so-to-speak in the battle against lace-bite.

Finally, CCM includes a pair of their custom support insoles with the skates. These come in high-arch, mid-arch, and low-arch options, and fully activate the myofascial structure of the foot, stimulating greater reaction in the foot muscles for enhanced speed.

When comparing the JetSpeed skates to the original RBZ skates, the JetSpeeds are far superior.

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