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Warrior Dynasty HD1 Stick Review

Warrior Dynasty HD1 Stick Review

In June 2015, Warrior released their highly-anticipated Dynasty HD1 stick. With its HyperDrive mid-kick point, this stick is a great choice for players who are looking to unleash hard one-timers and slap shots.

The technology found in the Dynasty HD1 is based off the highly-successful Quick Release technology found in the QR1 line. Since the QR1 stick has a low-kick point, Warrior moved the kick point to the middle of the shaft, creating the new HyperDrive mid-kick point. 

The HyperDrive "sweet spot" is clearly marked by a 14" red label on the center of the shaft. When a player shoots the puck with his or her lower hand on that red label, the puck will absolutely launch off the blade.

In addition to improved puck velocity, players will definitely notice improved shot accuracy as well from Warrior's new Strong Arm taper. This taper design helps improve the durability of the lower half of the stick and also prevents the blade from "opening up" when taking a shot. It may seem obvious, but remember, a blade that faces square to its target will be much more precise than a blade that (even slightly) turns away at the last second.

Apart from the HD1's shaft updates, the blade of the stick also received some upgrades. First, Warrior added two Twinspar carbon fiber supports to the middle of the blade. This, with the addition of Hardcore X foam core, results in a stiffer and more durable blade with amazing puck feel. 

Warrior also managed to shave off a whopping 20 grams from the AX1 predecessor by using a 100% carbon fiber thermoset, resulting in a better-balanced and lighter stick. Even after being put that "carbon fiber diet," a senior Dynasty HD1 weighs in at 432 grams - only being barely lighter than one stick released this year so far (a Senior Easton Stealth CX stick weighs 438 grams).

If you are a shooter specializing in hard and accurate shots, or just looking for a more durable top-of-the-line stick, the Warrior Dynasty HD1 is the perfect stick for you! You can find the entire new Warrior Dynasty lineup right here at Discount Hockey.com!

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