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Discount Hockey's Blade Comparison Chart

Discount Hockey's Blade Comparison Chart

We all know the feeling - seeing a new stick release on the horizon and being more than excited to try it out. The only problem is that you've never used a stick from this manufacturer before! Now you face a major issue - will you go in blindly and pick a new, unknown curve or will you try to find a curve that's similar to your tried-and-true P92 Sakic curve?

Discount Hockey has made your life easier. We put in hours of research and compiled a chart that will give you a good idea of what curves are similar to each other across all major stick manufacturers.

Our guide is simple - we have all current curves from Bauer, CCM, Easton, and Warrior from left to right, generally going from heel curves to toe curves. Then, we have all similar curves going top to bottom. If there's an empty space, it means that manufacturer does not currently offer a similar blade pattern.

To see the whole image in its full resolution, we recommend right-clicking the image and opening it in a new tab or window.

Disclaimer: While we stand by our research, please keep in mind that this chart does not guarantee 100% accuracy. Some curves on our chart are, of course, obvious clones across multiple manufacturers whereas others are more like close representations with a few minor differences. The information, such as lie, depth, etc., below each curve applies only to Senior sticks.

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