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2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick Review

2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick Review

The all-new 2017 Bauer Supreme 1S stick has arrived at Discount Hockey and we are so excited to bring this stick to the market. The 1S is the top-of-the-line model in the Supreme line, has a high kick point, square shaft geometry, power taper, and reactive blade to maximize energy transfer and give you your hardest shot. Bauer created this stick for elite-level players who unload explosive one-timers and bomb heavy slapshots.


The 2017 Supreme 1S boasts a completely redesigned graphics package. It has an asymmetrical design with huge, metallic gold, isosceles trapezoids just above the hosel on the forehand side and up near the top of the shaft on the backhand side. Inside of these trapezoids lie prominent "Supreme 1S" logos that are created with negative space. This means that the text is created with the TeXtreme carbon fiber squares that can be seen mainly on the blade and on the upper portion of the shaft.

Then, a large, black and silver Bauer logo is placed on the forehand side near the top of the shaft and nearly centered on the backhand side of the shaft. Overall, this is one of the most eye-catching sticks I have ever seen. While the majority of the shaft is a sleek black color, the glossy gold graphics provide incredible contrast and really stand out. In every game that I've use the 2017 Supreme 1S, I have seen my opponents trying to sneakily check out my stick when lining up for faceoffs.


Bauer made several improvements on the 2016 Supreme 1S stick by adding three new components to the 2017 model. Hands down, my favorite new feature by a longshot is the RenewCore blade technology. RenewCore is a permanently-liquefied, red gel placed inside the blade. As damage occurs inside of the blade core from shooting or passing, the pressurized gel finds and fills the cracks, creating a longer-lasting blade. RenewCore also improves the energy transfer from blade to puck to increase shot power and to improve puck feel. In fact, the gel is so strong and sticky that if the blade were to be cut into two pieces, it could hold the blade back together.

Bauer improved last-generation’s MPK (Maximum Power Kick) Technology by making it more versatile, thanks to the addition of the Extended Transfer Zone. This connects the taper to the high kick point, allowing energy to transfer faster and more effectively on snapshots, making the new 1S Bauer’s most versatile Supreme stick ever. This is another feature that really caught my attention. I generally stayed away from previous Supreme sticks because they weren't ideal for my preferred shooting style of quick, powerful snapshots. Now that the 1S has a more versatile kick point, it almost resembles a Vapor stick with how quickly you can release a snapshot.

Puck Feel

I will preface this section by saying the 2017 Bauer Supreme 1S has very good puck feel. While I do not think it is the best stick I've ever used for stickhandling - that would be either the 2016 Vapor 1X or 2015 Nexus 1N - it was still very impressive when handling the puck. Players who consider themselves to be "danglers" would not have any issues picking up this stick and breaking ankles.

Carryover Technology 

Bauer brings players the tried-and-true combination of Monocomp construction, eLASTech resin, and TeXtreme on the 1S' shaft. Monocomp is a weight-reducing and energy-maximizing stick construction method where the shaft and blade are one solid piece. eLASTech helps keep the 1S feeling newer for longer by stopping cracks from spreading once they occur. Finally, TeXtreme is a carbon fiber layup exclusive to Bauer sticks that is 20% lighter and more durable than 12K carbon fiber found on other sticks. It helps create a lightweight, responsive, and durable stick. These features are only found on the 1S model on the 2017 Supreme lineup.

Another feature from previous Supreme sticks is the Underside Tactile grip along the bottom side of the shaft. It is an ergonomically threaded, ribbed texture that provides grip for your fingertips and is smooth along the top of the shaft. It is only found on the 1S and S190 models. This is my all-time favorite Bauer shaft texture because it provides a subtle, yet noticeable, amount of extra grip where it's most needed.


The 2017 Supreme 1S weighs in at 420 grams, which is the same exact weight as the 2017 Nexus 1N and only 5 grams heavier than the 2016 Vapor 1X (415 grams).

Lasting Impressions

The 2017 1S is a great improvement over last year's model. The all-new RenewCore blade is an incredible feature that may change the future of stick blade technology. The more versatile kick point really transforms the 1S from a strictly high-kick stick from years past to a versatile snapshot, slapshot, and wrist shot shooting machine.

Combining the versatile kick point with the good feeling blade really makes this 2017 Supreme 1S stick appeal to a much wider player group. Players looking to pick up a brand new Supreme 1S can get one from Discount Hockey right here! Thanks for reading and we'll see you on the ice.


I had the same experience as Karyn, my son who is 12 snapped this as well in just about 2 months, he has never broken a stick before

The blade snapped. Not impressed. My son has not had 2 months.

I have this stick and I love it but when I take snapshots the stick sounds like it cracks and I was jw if you experienced this. I know the flex is good because I went up for this stick so that is not the issue. It could be the uneven surface I am shooting on. (Shooting tiles in driveway). Thanks.

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