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Skate Sharpening

Skate Sharpening

Keeping hockey skates sharp is an important part of equipment management. When the edges remain sharp, the player is able to perform tight turns and maneuvers quicker and with more ease. Skates that aren’t sharpened can result in slipping, which will sacrifice your skating performance. Discount Hockey recommends checking the edges after each skate. If the skater is using their skates about once or twice a week then it is suggested that the blades be sharpened every three or four weeks. If an advanced skater is playing hockey three or more times a week then it is suggested that the blades be sharpened every two or three weeks. The most common hollows are ⅜”, 7/16”, ½”, 9/16”, ⅝”, ¾”, and 1”.

The “hollow” refers to the concave empty space from one edge of the blade to another. Similar to the curve of a hockey blade, skate hollows are left to preference. As the number increases, the hollow is considered a duller cut. Skaters that enjoy weaving through traffic usually prefer the shallow hollows because the steel will not be digging into the ice as much during extremely agile maneuvers. The advantage to a sharper cut is that it makes it easier for the skater to
dig deep into the ice and propel themselves forward. Players like Matt Duchene and Michael Grabner may enjoy a sharper cut, while skaters like David Perron and Mike Ribeiro might enjoy a duller cut. Every player is different and every skater likes to customize their game style according to strengths and weaknesses. Discount Hockey staff has the experience and ability to cut hockey skates for every player and style.
When it is time to sharpen:

-New skates.

-Chips or gashes appear on the edges.

-Rust accumulates along the steel and edges.

-After stepping on surfaces not meant for skates: screws, metal, cement, hockey sticks, etc.

-Constantly slipping during routine maneuvers (See video below).



Discount Hockey does not sharpen skates that a customer has bought. If you have a local hockey rink that does public skating or adult hockey, they will be able to sharpen your skates if they have the proper equipment and the staff that has been trained to sharpen skates.

I used to work in a pro shop, so make sure that the person absolutely knows what they are doing. I had a guy complain that someone sharpened his skates and turns out the person that sharpened them, did a horrible job and we had to grind down the blade to be able to fix them.


Does discount hockey sharpen new skates before they are shipped?

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