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How To Fit A Goalie Glove

How To Fit A Goalie Glove

Sizing a goaltender glove begins with the decision on which hand the goalie would like to use for catching. If a goalie catches with his left hand, he plays regular. If the goalie catches with his right hand, he plays full right. Most goalies play regular, however it isn’t unheard of to see a goalie that plays full right. Popular full right goalies include: Steve Mason and Jonas Hiller.

Whether or not you are regular or full right, the glove should still fit the same. After determining which hand the goalie wants to catch with, the next factor to determine is size. The four sizes are: Youth (5-6 y/o), Junior (7-9 y/o), Intermediate (10-13 y/o), and Senior (13 y/o - Adult).

Following these guidelines, put the glove on and try to close it. Keep in mind that most new gloves are stiff and difficult to close. Therefore, if you are a new goalie and can’t close the glove that’s okay. Closing the glove is just one way to make sure the glove fits properly and is a necessary skill when in goal. Next, throw your hands down and try to shake the glove off. If it easily falls off, it is too big.

If your hand doesn’t completely fit into the inner glove, open the backhand portion and loosen the wrist and hand straps. Once your hand is in, re-tighten the straps until comfortable. There should be maximum ¼ inch between the tip of the finger and the end of the finger stall. Open the backhand and examine the finger position.

It may also be helpful to wear a chest protector when determining size. You do not want the cuff of the glove to interfere with the chest protector, as this will make it hard to control the glove.

Many new gloves are heat moldable, which enables the glove to break in faster and provide a more comfortable fit. To care for the glove, open the backhand and allow the glove to dry. Once the glove has dried, put a few pucks into the pocket and close it. This will keep the pocket deep.

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