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What is the difference between Bauer Vapor sticks?

What is the difference between Bauer Vapor sticks?

The Bauer Vapor line includes the APX 2X100X90X80 and X70 sticks. The APX 2 debuted as this year’s top Bauer model. The rest of the sticks offer similar features to the APX 2 for hockey players of many levels. So, the question is, what is the difference between Bauer Vapor sticks? Why should I get the APX 2? Is the X100 just as good? What does the X80 offer that the X70 doesn't? Let's take a look:

The X100 stick is a high-end stick with an impressively high level of durability. The X100 features the Intelli-Sense Flex System, a true dual flex-point system based on a player’s hand positioning. During a wrist shot or a snap shot, with a player’s hand higher on the shaft, the stick would flex lower on the shaft for a quick, accurate release. With the Aero Foam 3 Blade core, Bauer lightened the blade without any loss of durability or strength. This stick is perfect for a player who wants something close to a high-end stick with a little more durability. The highest-end sticks have a tendency to have a shorter lifespan than the ones just below it. This is a great stick with a great price tag.

The X90 is perfect for the player who wants a powerful stick without paying top dollar. The X90 is built with high quality 12K Carbon Fiber throughout the shaft and 3K Carbon Weave throughout the blade, making for a balanced and durable stick. This is a great substitute to the TeXtreme Carbon Fiber used in the APX 2. The Micro Feel II shaft is still featured, giving the X90 a similar feel on the puck and softer edges when shooting. This stick is a weapon for players who don’t want to spend 2 big ones on a new twig, but don't want to sacrifice too much in features either.

The X80 is a perfect middle of the road stick and offers a large amount of features for the cost. The like the sticks above it, the X80 includes the Aero Foam 3 and the Intelli-Sense Flex System. It features a 2-piece fused blade and shaft design. This stick is the lowest you can go and still get the Vapor premium dual taper and Aero Foam 3 blade. Compared with other sticks in the $100 price range, the X80 is lightweight and durable.

The X70 is the entry-level vapor line stick. It’s a perfect fit for players who want a good, long-lasting stick at the lowest price. The X70 has a low kick point, which is perfect for quick wrist and snap shots. It’s a great composite stick at the lowest level, featuring a 2-piece fused shaft and blade construction. This stick is for someone who is newer to hockey or doesn’t want to spend $100 on a stick.

The Vapor line was developed for goal scorers through and through. The Intelli-Sense flex system makes for quick and accurate shots, the new Aero 3 blade adds lifespan to the stick, and the Micro Feel II Shaft gives greater control and comfort in the palm. If you like to score goals, these sticks are for you.

Which stick is best for you? Do you plan on picking one up? Hopefully this guide helped show the difference between Bauer Vapor sticks. The full Vapor line is available at Discount Hockey, in store and online.

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