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CCM RBZ Roller Review

CCM RBZ Roller Review

The release of the CCM RBZ Ice Hockey Skates left roller hockey players excited for the release of the RBZ roller skates. The RBZ roller hockey skates feature largely the same boot as the RBZ ice hockey skates, and many other features of the RBZ ice skate were transferred into the roller model, including the custom support insoles and the pro-injected foam felt tongue.

The quarter package is made from the new Action Form + SpeedCore, providing skaters with a high-end stiffness that is still heat moldable. The roller version was made a bit stiffer than the ice model to compensate for the warmer temperature conditions of roller hockey. This will help to maintain the support as the boot heats up. The RBZ roller skates use a durable, moisture wicking Duratex liner. The skates also come with CCM’s new custom support insoles for improved arch support. The custom support insole not only provides a more comfortable footbed, but also increases the energy transfer between the foot and the boot. The tongue is a pro-injected foam felt tongue for improved lace bite protection.

The outsole is made of a sturdy fiberglass composite which will maximize the energy transferred from the boot. The RBZ roller skate has a redesigned toe cap for added ventilation, helping to keep feet cool and dry while playing. The Labeda CNC Aluminum Chassis is affixed to the bottom of the RBZ roller skates with an 80mm set of Labeda Addiction wheels and Labeda Swiss Lite 608 bearings. The lightweight Aluminum Labeda Chassis is extremely durable. The RBZ roller hockey skates are a high performance skate for higher end players. They provide a maximum level of stiffness and support. For those looking for something less stiff or less pricy, the rest of the CCM line has something for you.

The RBZ 90 is the first level down from the RBZ roller hockey skate. It features a similar Aluminum Labeda Chassis and Labeda Swiss bearings. It comes with Labeda Dynasty Gripper wheels. The tongue is a two-piece vented tongue. The boot is made from the Vectorwear Surlyn, providing an excellent level of support.

The RBZ 80 is made from a sublimated tech mesh with Compound Blend Core technology. It features a vented toe cap and a one-piece comfort foam tongue, as well as the Aluminum Labeda Chassis and Millenium Gripper wheels with Labeda ABEC-9 bearings. This is an elite skate for an affordable price.

The RBZ 70 offers a great performance value. The boot is made from an embossed nylon. It features a Labeda Aluminum Chassis with Labeda Gripper X-Soft wheels and Labeda ABEC-9 bearings. This is a great skate for new players looking for a good level of support and durability.

The RBZ 60 is the entry-level skate in the RBZ roller line. They are made from a tech mesh with a multi-layer core, which provides a moderate level of support. The Labeda frame holds Labeda Shooter Multi-Purpose wheels with Labeda ABEC-7 bearings. This is a perfect starting skate for new players.

The RBZ Roller hockey line of skates has something for every players: a great high-end skate in the RBZ and an entry-level skate in the RBZ 60. This line builds on a lot of the features in the RBZ ice skate and transfers these features over to build a great line of roller hockey skates.

Have you tried CCM Inline skates before? Are you interested in picking up one of the new RBZ skates? You can check them out at Discount Hockey, in store and online here.

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