Warrior Evo Standard Hockey Shaft


Warrior Evo Standard Hockey Shaft

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The NEW Evo shaft features Axy-Sym asymmetrical stiffness technology, Linear Taper flex profile and Velvet Grip. All that fancy science jargon (except for the velvet part) translates into a stick that flexes smoothly in the middle to give you a more fluid, smooth shot. The asymmetrical part means it's customized with the stiffness on the correct side whether you're a righty or a lefty. And the Velvet Grip keeps the twig in your gloves on those wicked slappers. All of this translates into more wins. Which is really all that matters. The tradition has evolved.


Shafts made with Warrior's exclusive Linear Taper design feature a longer and smoother flex reaction. It allows a larger area of the stick to bend rather than concentrating the energy into the bottom of the stick only, creating a very long flex arc. This flex arc increases accuracy and predictability on shaft load and provides the utmost in balanced energy transfer into the puck, benefiting players with heavy shots looking for more accuracy.


New shaft design using multilateral and omnidirectional fiber placement to reinforce the shaft internally and protect it from cracking or fatigue. Continuous fibers create a network of carbon strands that help resist slash or puck impact.


Warrior's proprietary elite construction package is the ultimate combination of light weight and and power. High-modulus, low-weight aerospace-grade laminate provides strength under extreme flex, and most efficient energy transfer.


This finish lowers the degree of hand grip from Soft Grip, but also allows for a separate hand feel on the shaft. Crushed Velvet is perfect for the player who would like a feel between Clear and Soft Grip with just enough tension and a nice soft finish up and down the shaft.


The weight distribution and balance of the blade are harmonized to correspond to the weight of the shaft to provide a more stable swing weight. When the stick is in motion during the shot, Pro-Balanced allows for increased blade speed at impact.


+3" stick length

Fits Standard Blades