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Warrior Covert QRE Fantom Intermediate Composite Stick

$149.97 $319.99
1 in stock

When you shoot, you want the power and energy from your entire body to flow into the puck, generating a blistering, pulverizing speed that will overpower any goaltender. The last thing you want is for a stick to weigh down your shot, which makes your body's energy focus on the weight of the stick, rather than the shot itself.

So how do you achieve this? An extremely light stick that responds to your actions.

Weighing less than even the 400-gram Covert QRE SL stick out in 2018, the Warrior Covert QRE Fantom composite stick is elusive to your hands, allowing you to feel like you're holding a fraction of a stick, thanks to a balanced, light weight from handle to toe. Featuring 3D Edge Taper, the Fantom speeds up your shot release while maintaining excellent accuracy.

Built with Minimus 1200 Carbon Fiber, this latest edition adds an impeccable layer process that removes up to 16 grams from where previous QR sticks stand. Including Warrior's True One-Piece Construction technology, this Covert QRE will provide you with an unmatched feel on every shot and pass.