Warrior Alpha QX Gaudreau Pro Stock Senior Hockey Stick


Warrior Alpha QX Gaudreau Pro Stock Senior Hockey Stick

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  • Stick Length: Approximately 55"
  • Quick Strike Technology Makes for Effortless Loading
  • Low Kick-Point Extends From Bottom Hand to Hosel
  • Saber Taper Creates a Torsionally Stiff Flex for a Stable Shot
  • True 1 Phantom Feel Construction Makes for a Light Stick
  • Minimus Carbon 1000 Material Enhances All Features

Advancements within the Warrior QX Pro stick make this one sharp-shooting, effortless-loading machine. Thanks to a combination of Quick Strike technology and a Saber taper, the Alpha QX improves shot accuracy and speed while delivering a rapid recoil on every shot.

Quick Strike is the stick's ability to load effortlessly, thanks in large part to a low kick-point that transfers from your bottom hand through to the lower shaft. Saber Taper creates a torsionally stiff extended mid-low flex arc, creating shot stability and working alongside Quick Strike to deliver a powerfully rapid recoil and improve overall shot accuracy.

The molding process between shaft and blade utilizes the True 1 Phantom. This process has made this the lightest stick to date for Warrior, improving overall balance and responsiveness to enhance your overall puck control. Minimus Carbon 1000 material is an extremely durable carbon-composite weave design that prevents cracking and breaking. The Ergo Shaft shape fits securely in your hands thanks to an ergonomic contour.

The Alpha QX is rounded out with textued corners and a tacky soft grip finish that locks easily in your hands. Protex Grip Texture, as this is called, improves your hand control and overall accuracy with passing and shooting.

Technical Features

Level of Play Elite
Kick Point Low
Construction True 1 Phantom Feel & Minimus Carbon 1000
Shaft Design Concave Sidewalls w/ Rounded Corners
Grip ProTex Performance
Blade Design HardCore X Foam Core w/ TwinSpar Blade Structure & Pro-Spec 12 Carbon Fiber Weave Wrap
Warranty 30 days through the manufacturer