Warrior Alpha Force Pro Junior Composite Stick


Warrior Alpha Force Pro Junior Composite Stick

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  • Sabre Taper combines a low kick response with a powerful release
  • Minimus Carbon 1000 construction provides great strength and a lightweight design
  • Your shot will pop with a FuelCore blade core, while adding integrity to the blade for a longer life.

Effortless loading creates explosive and precise shots. That's why the Warrior Alpha Force Pro stick is a go-to for snipers who are seeking torsional stiffness during loading and release, improving power and accuracy on every attempt to best the netminder.

The low kick point within the Alpha Force Pro extends from your bottom hand through the lower shaft and hosel, while the Saber Taper maintains torsional stiffness during loading and release. The Saber Taper stabilizes the blade, increasing your shot accuracy and allow shots to whip more thanks to a rapid recoil. The reengineered shaft and hosel design engages the flex easily and releases quickly to add even more accuracy to your shots and passes.

A True 1-piece construction, the Phantom Feel improves balance and responsiveness that easily enhances your feel for the puck, whether receiving passes or stickhandling through the neutral zone. The stick's construction, which uses Minimus Carbon 800, is high grade and responsive. The lightweight flat carbon-composite weave design enhances all of the stick's construction technology features, making it an extremely durable and reliable stick.

The ergonomically contoured shaft shape fits securely in your hands, enhancing your feel for the puck when deking, shooting and passing. A Pro Grip covers the surface of the shaft, locking your hands in place thanks to a tacky, soft grip.

For the mid- to high-end player, the Alpha Force Pro stick helps create a shooting gallery on opposing goaltenders, and its price point will make any skater happy.

Technical Features

Level of Play Performance
Kick Point Low
Construction True1 Phantom Feel w/ Minimus Carbon 1000
Shaft Design Concave Sidewalls w/ Rounded Corners
Grip Apex Grip
Blade Design FuelCore
Warranty 30 days through the manufacturer