Warrior Alpha Force 2019 Intermediate Composite Stick


Warrior Alpha Force 2019 Intermediate Composite Stick

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  • Saber taper provides a powerful release that includes an easy-to-load design
  • Apex Grip couples a textured zone with tacky, soft grip that locks into your hands
  • True 1 Phantom Feel provides you with excellent control and responds well to your movements

Technical Features

Level of Play Performance
Kick Point Low
Key Upgrades
  • Minimus Carbon is a flat weave carbon design that provides a great feel
  • FuelCore blade includes composite layering around the core to make it more able to take punishment from your shots and from opposing players
  • True 1 Phantom Feel creates a balanced, lightweight stick that enhances how it feels in your hands
Construction Minimus Carbon
Shaft Design Ergo Shaft
Grip Apex Grip
Blade Design FuelCore Polymer Core
Warranty 30 days through manufacturer