Warrior Alpha DX SE2 Grip Junior Composite Stick


Warrior Alpha DX SE2 Grip Junior Composite Stick

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  • Slick yellow and black design
  • Sabre Taper provides a low kick response with hard release
  • Ergo shaft shape fits securely in your hands to provide ultimate control

A sleek yellow-designed twig, the Warrior Alpha DX SE2 provides power and responsiveness on every shot, pass and move up the ice.

The Sabre taper combines a low kick response with a stable, powerful release. You'll load your shots easy and release your shots with a deadly accurate finish. Add in True 1 Phantom Feel, which enhances how the stick feels in your hands for better control, and your shots will feel more natural than ever.

Made from Minimus flat-weave carbon, the Alpha DX SE2 is light in your hands, but also ergonomically shaped for better control when laying out big dekes or toe drags.

Technical Features

Level of Play Performance
Kick Point Low
Construction Minimus Carbon w/ True 1 Phantom Feel
Shaft Design Ergo Shape
Grip Apex Texture
Warranty 30 days through manufacturer