Under Armour ArmourBite™ Antimicrobial Mouthguard

Senior Youth

Under Armour ArmourBite™ Antimicrobial Mouthguard

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Designed for all contact sports


ArmourBite® technology with patented Power Wedges™ to increase strength, improve endurance, and reduce athletic stress

Power Wedges™ are uniquely shaped to help maintain optimal spacing between your teeth and counteract the negative effects of clenching

Patented ArchFit System and Polymer Shrink provides a comfortable fit and the ability to talk and breathe easily


Convertible strap and strapless options


Has been treated with a patented silver-ion antimicrobial treatment

Has antimicrobial product protection that is embedded into the mouthguard and will not wear or wash off

Prevents the growth of mildew, odors and stains that are caused by certain fungus, bacteria and microorganisms on the mouthguard

Multi-patented and scientifically proven


$32,000 dental warranty


Meets NFHS rules (except Clear)


Made In The USA