TRUE XC5 ACF 2019 Intermediate Composite Stick


TRUE XC5 ACF 2019 Intermediate Composite Stick

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  • Axenic Technology creates a true one-piece stick that provides excellent responsiveness
  • SmartPly Technology helps control torsional stiffness and protects from impact
  • Mid flex profile allows for a great feel on every kind of shot

TRUE sticks feature some of the best advancements in stick technology from the top to the bottom of their lineup. The biggest difference from the top-of-the-line stick to the lowest-end is the weight. This provides players of all levels with the same great features at each price point, while still maintaining the XC9 ACF as the best stick of it's class. However, the drop to the XC5 is just two steps below the XC9.

The first advancement you'll notice is the addition of Branded Rib Technology (BRT+) throughout the blade. It's highly durable and ready to take any punishment you or opposing players can throw at it. The braided rib structure extends into the heel, making it one of the toughest blades on the market while not sacrificing accuracy or power on each shot or pass.

The XCore gen2 insert within the blade helps maintain that accuracy, as it increases puck absorption. The larger insert, found along the area of the blade where you're typically handling and cradling the puck, increases the sweet spot and dampens puck impact for greater control. 

The one-piece construction is taken to the next level with Axenic technology. A seamless build, Axenic works alongside the SmartPly process, which optimizes fiber angles in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in one single shaft. This process creates a perfect union between weight, balance and industry-leading impact strength.

A top feature, titled "SmartFlex," allows TRUE sticks to specialize in all shot types, not just one. While other sticks make you choose, the TRUE XC5 ACF creates a stiffness profile throughout the shaft that is optimized for whatever type of energy is supplied into the stick, allowing you to rocket one-timers with a slap shot, wrist shot or even backhand with precision and authority.

Unmatched accuracy. Unparalleled control. Ultimate Feel. TRUE sticks.

Blade Chart

Technical Features

Level of Play Recreational
Kick Point Mid
Construction SmartPly (Unidirectional Carbon Fiber)
Shaft Design Axenic Technology (Square Corner Double Concave)
Grip Matte
Blade Design BRT+ Technology w/ XCore Gen 2 Insert
Warranty 30 days through the manufacturer