The Danglator

The Danglator

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The Danglator teaches proper technique while increasing wrist strength and hand speed.

  • Universally fits any right or left hand hockey glove.
  • One Danglator (hockey glove not included).

The Danglator is a stick handling training aid designed to be strapped to the palm of a player's regular hockey glove to teach the proper use of hand movements during stickhandling, by allowing the bottom hand to move freely along the shaft while top hand controls the movement of the stick. The Danglator aids in the player discovering his range of motion in a very short period of time. Unlike a toilet paper roll or PVC pipe, both of which many players have used at home to simulate this technique, the Danglator is attached to your glove and won’t drop to the bottom of your stick when stick handling from two hands to one hand, and back to two. It is very simple to remove the training aid from the glove for game play.

  • This tool is second to none for teaching proper stick handling technique and positioning.
  • Easily attaches or removes, by simply strapping it to the palm of a regular hockey player glove (bottom hand).
  • Serves as a channel for the hockey player's stick to fit comfortably into, inhibiting the user from squeezing his bottom hand too tightly while stick handling and creating the biomechanically correct had positioning for proper stick handling and/or shooting.
  • The hard plastic channel inhibits the player form squeezing his/her bottom hand too tightly while stick handling. This technique is the proven way to develop great puck handling skills.