STX Stallion HPR Intermediate Hockey Stick


STX Stallion HPR Intermediate Hockey Stick

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High-Performance Ratio may sound like technical jargon, but the STX Stallion HPR IH stick is far from an ordinary stick. The newest in the Stallion line is optimized for ultimate durability and performance, allowing for a constant load and consistent release of energy that will impact your game in every facet.

The ultra-high balance point found within the IH allows players to enter dirty areas of the rink with little worry of their sticks getting hacked and broken. It also removes any doubt that you can unload bombs from the point that often provide instant wear on the shaft's integrity. The Pureblade Power is a finely tuned blade that provides maximum pop on every shot (and long stretch passes), as the weight has been reduced without stiffness being removed.

Returning from last year's top-end Stallion 600, the HPR IH includes a Power Flex Profile, which creates a constant load on every shot. STX did improve the shaft construction, as the 3K Carbon Fiber and Nano-Enhanced Resin is more durable and balanced than the 600's 12K Carbon Fiber. With square corners and double concave walls, the IH also includes a matte finish for the best grip STX offers.

At just 420 grams (senior stick), the STX HPR IH is a stick manufactured for high-end players looking to get a longer life out of their twigs, while producing rocket shots and precision passing at every turn.