STX Stallion 600 Junior Composite Stick


STX Stallion 600 Junior Composite Stick

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Designed with the Power Player in Mind

Incorporating STX's Power Flex Profile that provides maximum power on every shot, the light and strong Quad Core™ blade, and an ultra high balance point, the Stallion is perfect for players who love to unload heavy slapshots and one-timers yet still demand great playability and puck feel.

New Quad Core™ Blade Technology

A lighter and more dynamic blade, designed for active response and elite puck feel. Carbon fiber-reinforced bridges running the entire length of the blade enhance stability, while Quad Core™ foam between the bridges reduces weight and enhances puck feel without sacrificing durability

The Stallion's blade is designed to last. The carbon layup of the Quad Core™ Blade maximizes the compressive strength of the carbon fibers to extend the life of your blade by up to 20%