STX Stallion HPR Junior Hockey Gloves


STX Stallion HPR Junior Hockey Gloves

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When you're streaking down the ice on a breakaway, you want to be able to pull off any deke in your arsenal. In order to do this, you need a set of mobile gloves that allow you to move freely. The Stallion HPR gloves provide high performance for any player looking to maximize his or her game.

The STX Stallion HPR IH gloves include a Power Fit profile, which extends a traditional feel to your hands with tapered fingers for a dynamic tactile response. A looser back-of-hand fit increases mobility, allowing you to complete those near-impossible dekes. Rounding out the flexibility (and adding to the protection) is the Cable Flex Thumb, which is a fully articulating, hyperlock thumb that provides extreme control, and M2 Knuckle design on all fingers, which increases range of motion by using open stitching in the knuckles. The fingers are also made with three pieces, increasing your ability to fully grasp your stick.

The HPR IH gloves also utilize Pittard Leather in the fingers to increase comfort, while adding vents in the palm and side wart to create airflow for increased temperature regulation. Palm wear is minimized with Super Fabric, which targets high abrasion zones and cuts down the wear gloves often receive.

The HPRs are highly protective of your hands as HexPro foam is lightweight and absorbs high-impact hits and heavy shots.

The Stallion HPR IHs are excellent top-end gloves that utilize wrist action to allow you to stickhandle and pass to the best of your abilities.