Sher-Wood T100 Stick

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The T100 is the newest addition to the True Touch series. Inspired by the success of the T90, Sher-Wood Hockey is proud to introduce an even lighter and more durable stick. Its flexing profile offers more give in the middle of the shaft, allowing for more energy and more power to be transferred into your shots. The T100 is designed especially for power players that fully lean into their shots yet are till looking for that unique "True Touch" feel.


The advanced one-piece spear shaft construction with high kickpoint design allows complete energy loading for explosive slap shots and one-timers. With a stiffer taper area, the shaft flexes in the middle for complete energy loading and release as the player fully leans into his shots.


The concave sidewall along with square radius geometry is specifically engineered by Sher-Wood to ensure the most secure grip. It is ergonomically designed to naturaly fit your hands. This ensures the player's hands won't twist when taking a shot.


The player can cut his stick anywhere in the top four inches of the shaft without affecting the flex of the stick. Better engineered materials combined with a state of the art components have allowed Sher-Wood to pioneer this industry leading technology.


The shaft runs through the heel of the stick and is constantly in contact with both the ice and the puck, giving the player a tangible feeling for the puck and increased control.


The blade has a light high-density foam core that dampens high frequency shocks providing the player with more comfort and greater feel for the puck.


The expanded blade profile reduces the torsion moving down the shaft while high modulus carbon fiber reinforcement increases blade stiffness, thus providing unmatched accuracy.


The traditional joint between the shaft and blade is eliminated which leads to less weight in the blade area. This improves the balance of the stick, giving you the light, natural feel that pro players demand. Never again will a stick feel bottom-heavy in your hands






Red: PP26, PP77, PP96, PP01 & PP88

White: PP26, PP09, PP61, PP12, PP05, PP20

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